Jan 2019

Hardening the targets

Dec 2018

David Hogg won’t be happy

Nov 2018

Illinois vote to allow armed teachers fails

Jazz Shaw Nov 20, 2018 7:11 PM

Soft target, hard pass

Aug 2018

Not exactly real estate moguls

“I am confused as to why I am being tested extremely above the math level of my degree.”

Apr 2018

A swing and a miss.

Mar 2018

Question: Is your kid’s school among them?

Biased, sexist, racist and every other ist

That should solve everything

Yes, this should solve everything quite nicely

Feb 2018

Going faster than free bacon

Jan 2018

What could possibly go… nevermind

Nov 2017

If you commit crime like an adult you get treated like an adult

If you want to be treated like an adult…

Aug 2017

Early indoctrination

Mar 2017

Your state government must be very well off…

Reading comprehension is so overrated

Feb 2017
Nov 2016

Why Johnny can’t follow the rules

Oct 2016

With a soaring murder rate and a broken city budget, why not shut down the schools too?

Sep 2016

All hail His Majesty Grant Strobl

Jazz Shaw Sep 30, 2016 8:01 AM

If you tell us we can use any pronoun we wish, all bets are off

Jan 2016

Silence is golden

NYC teacher “rubber rooms” are back

Jazz Shaw Jan 17, 2016 2:01 PM

Gives “teachers lounge” a whole new meaning

Sep 2015

There’s a novel approach

Hide your children

Aug 2015

Good work if you can get it

Jun 2015

Change is hard

Teacher: Get Shakespeare out of the classroom

Matt Vespa Jun 17, 2015 5:21 PM


Video: Worst selfie concept ever?

Ed Morrissey Jun 05, 2015 3:21 PM

Plus, both ISIS and al-Qaeda growing rapidly despite “moron” with a cell phone.

Mar 2015
Feb 2015

The case to end teacher tenure, example 5,381

Jazz Shaw Feb 02, 2015 7:21 PM

Failure upon failure

Jan 2015

Order in the homeroom

Dec 2014

You. Shall. Not. Pass.

Oct 2014

After “… threatening a mass shooting”

Jun 2014

Is tenure unconstitutional in California?

Ed Morrissey Jun 11, 2014 10:31 AM


Apr 2014
Aug 2013

Perverse incentives of the day.

Jul 2013

The usual suspects.

May 2013
Mar 2013

…but actually, we do.

Jan 2013

NEA gave $15 Million to advocacy groups

Mike Antonucci Jan 14, 2013 6:41 PM


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