Sidney Blumenthal
Feb 2018

“I did not expect them to be shared with anyone in the U.S. government.”

Plus: A Sidney Blumenthal conduit between Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele?

Nov 2016


More pay-to-play?

Jul 2016

It’s pretty hard to get too worked up over the shape of a star…

May 2016

“So you’d have to, um…you know, go to her explanation about that.”

Mar 2016

Don’t bet on rescue just yet.

Jan 2016

Sid Blumenthal, super spy?

Oct 2015

AP: Hackers from three nations attacked Hillary’s server.

Sep 2015
Jun 2015

What else got destroyed by Hillary Clinton?

May 2015

If this is true, then those emails weren’t “unsolicited.”


Kurtz on media questioning of Hillary: Seriously?

Ed Morrissey May 21, 2015 8:41 AM

“Didn’t even mention Libya in the question!”

“It’s getting hard to see that through all the smoke.”

Mar 2015


Was Hillary running a secret intel network?

Ed Morrissey Mar 28, 2015 11:31 AM

“Nothing involving Sidney Blumenthal surprises me.”