Sid Blumenthal 'very confident' Hillary will not be charged over email server

Sidney Blumenthal, the off-book Clinton adviser whose hacked email account became news in 2013, appeared on CNN’s New Day Wednesday. Blumenthal told host Alisyn Camerota he is “very confident” Clinton will not be charged in connection with her private email server.

Camerota suggested the fear among Democrats was that “another show will drop” after Clinton wins the nomination. Blumenthal replied, “I’ve very confident that that will not happen.” Asked how he knew, Blumenthal added, “My understanding is that this is a security review. It’s certainly not a criminal investigation.” Camerota injected, “But it is an investigation.”

“It’s an inquiry into whether or not anyone intentionally put classified information where it shouldn’t be. And my understanding is that they will conclude and the Department of Justice will issue a statement at the end that that was not the case. And then all those who were involved in this kind of political hysteria will have to unravel it,” Blumenthal said. Video of the exchange was uploaded by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller:

In the same interview, Blumenthal stumbled a bit when asked to explain why Hillary Clinton needed a private server in the first place. “Why did she set up a personal server?” Camerota asked. “Well, that’s a question I don’t know the answer to and it’s a question that uh…uh…she’s, uh, explained,” Blumenthal bumbled before adding, “So you’d have to, um…you know, go to her explanation about that.”

Clinton certainly has given lots of explanations for the private server over the past year, many of which have not been truthful.

Pressed on whether he had given Clinton any advice about setting up the private server, Blumenthal was much more definitive. “Oh no. I had nothing to do with that,” he replied. Video courtesy of America Rising: