Dec 2018

Fun. Charming. Deadly?

The affected students speak out… and are silenced

Nov 2018

An election day swastika tagging event

Jazz Shaw Nov 06, 2018 12:31 PM

Scare tactics

Oct 2018

Because why would you want the police to be armed, right?

Sep 2018
Aug 2018

But surely it will work this time

Jul 2018

Harder targets

Jun 2018

Imagine the horror

Go ahead and explain this one. We’ll wait

But keep the schools safe!

May 2018

I suppose nobody will bother shooting at an empty school, but…

Mar 2018

The student ethanol indoctrination program

Jazz Shaw Mar 23, 2018 8:41 AM

Get ’em while they’re young

A kindergarten gun control walkout? C’mon, man…

Jazz Shaw Mar 18, 2018 12:31 PM

Literally the “woke kindergartner” syndrome

That should solve everything

You guys! MTV is about to go dark for 17 minutes

Jazz Shaw Mar 14, 2018 9:21 AM

Will anyone notice?

A bit of sanity prevails

Yes, this should solve everything quite nicely

Feb 2018

Going faster than free bacon

Not solving the problem, however

Jan 2018

What could possibly go… nevermind

We wouldn’t want to offend anyone

Dec 2017

None of the parents’ business

Nov 2017

If you commit crime like an adult you get treated like an adult

If you want to be treated like an adult…

How “adult” should a middle school quiz be?

Jazz Shaw Nov 16, 2017 9:21 PM

Better discussed at home

Coming soon to a school near you

Getting a bit oppressive, aren’t we?

Oct 2017

Out: Halloween. In: Black and Orange Spirit Day

Jazz Shaw Oct 19, 2017 12:41 PM

Um… wut?

Sep 2017

Solar power to the rescue!

We wouldn’t want to offend anyone

Non-traditional education

Aug 2017

Early indoctrination

A tragic comedy of errors

May 2017

Not even pretending to try at this point

Apr 2017

Food ending up in trash cans isn’t making anyone healthier

Mar 2017

For a lot more than a few pieces of silver

Emotional distress from the other side of the coin

Pre-school suspends four-year-old terrorist

Andrew Malcolm Mar 24, 2017 8:41 AM

A shotgun bullet.

Along with most of the food…

Your state government must be very well off…

Feb 2017

Relief for schools, but it could scuttle the Supreme Court action

Jan 2017

“Think of what all that money could have been spent on instead.”

“a continuing pattern of what I would call telephone terrorism…”