Sunday morning talking heads

Sunday morning talking heads
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Will public schools reopen on schedule? That’s the hot topic on this morning’s Sunday shows as education secretary Miguel Cardona chats with “Face the Nation” about the threat to kids and their parents from the Delta variant. Cardona was asked a few days ago about in-person instruction this fall and his response was … not encouraging. He’ll be followed on the same show by Alberto Carvalho, the head of public schools in Miami-Dade County. No state is facing a COVID ordeal as daunting as Florida is right now but Ron DeSantis has been adamant that kids need to be back in class. Carvalho will discuss what schools are doing to ensure the safety of children once they return. I look forward to hearing him explain why teachers shouldn’t be required to get vaccinated to help protect their unvaccinated students.

Elsewhere this morning, the dynamic duo of mixed COVID messaging, Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci, are booked to discuss Delta. Collins will talk to “This Week” while Fauci sits down with “Meet the Press” to assess the outlook for the pandemic over the next few months and the rising prospect of booster shots for senior citizens. Maybe they’ll also shed some light on how dangerous — or not — Delta is to kids. Do the feds have any data that proves the variant is making kids sicker, as that might change the calculus for in-person schooling? Or is it a simpler matter of Delta being more infectious, in which case kids aren’t at any more risk of complications than they were last year?

Finally, fringe-left Dem Rep. Cori Bush will be on “State of the Union” to celebrate her pyrrhic victory in further delaying the end of the eviction moratorium and to explain why personal security is important for her but not so important for you. The full line-up is at the AP.

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