Obama administration
Oct 2017

“As we have seen in North Korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes.”

Sep 2017

“Some Jewish communal leaders suggested…that the Museum’s moral authority had been hijacked for a partisan re-writing of recent history.”

Jul 2017

“…the Obama administration’s Russia policy was one, protracted, 8-year-long concession to Moscow.”

Jun 2017

“…died suddenly in less than a week just after his return to the U.S.”

Apr 2017

“After a while, it simply became our working assumption that we were being spied on.”

Inside Syria’s secret torture facilities

John Sexton Apr 03, 2017 7:01 PM

“…he selected prisoners, most of them deathly ill, for a fate he called ‘justice.'”

Mar 2017

“the Obama administration…was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump”

Jan 2017

“This wasn’t in our planning horizon in the middle of last year…”

“Think of what all that money could have been spent on instead.”

Dec 2016

Good cop, bad cop?

“I can tell you we have full confidence the information is accurate.”

Oct 2016
Sep 2016

“It’s a legacy item for the White House”

“This prioritization of collections for payments to issuers over payments to the Treasury is not authorized.”

“the administration seems to be throwing up roadblocks to our bipartisan effort to cut off the resources Assad uses to annihilate his own people”

“…the pipeline’s future now looks much more uncertain than it did hours ago.”

“…some nuclear stocks and facilities were not in accordance with JCPOA limits on Implementation Day”

Aug 2016

“A student’s gender identity is a confidential matter”

An exercise in missing the point.

WSJ: U.S. held cash plane until prisoners left Iran

John Sexton Aug 17, 2016 7:01 PM

“U.S. officials have said that the prisoner release and cash transfer took place through two separate diplomatic channels.”

Up in smoke

Jul 2016


“…the administration released the numbers on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.”

May 2016

“It’s a valued partnership, without any conditions…”

The Department of Education will instruct every public school in America to provide “suitable” bathroom and locker room facilities to …

Apr 2016

“We swallowed the poison pill…”

Mar 2016

Transparency, how does it work?!

Jan 2016
Nov 2015
Sep 2015

All in the name of “national security”

Jul 2015

Explosions in the making.

Jun 2015

Plus, when Academia’s monster turns on … academics.

Jun 2014

I feel like I’ve heard this one before…

Huzzah: Obama to pivot to the economy tomorrow, again

Erika Johnsen Jun 16, 2014 4:01 PM

If you feel like you’ve read that headline before, it’s probably because you have.

Keep on keepin’ on.

May 2014