Huzzah: Obama to pivot to the economy tomorrow, again

I can hardly wait. Via Pittburgh’s WTAE:

President Barack Obama will visit Bakery Square in Larimer to deliver a speech on the economy Tuesday afternoon.

The White House says Obama will visit TechShop, a fabrication and prototyping studio open to the public via paid memberships.

“The most important thing about TechShop and what it symbolizes is that this really is the future. It’s the intersection of technology, machines and people making things, and that really is the collision that’s right around us,” said Audrey Russo, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council. “The exciting thing is that Pittsburgh has a lot of core competencies in this arena.”

Who even knows anymore whether this counts as a full-on “pivot,” but I suppose we’ll just have to wait with bated breath to see if the White House is going to take this particular sojourn as another opportunity to drop some new and glorious executive order on us — which will almost inevitably lie somewhere between “pointless” and “outright damaging” on the effectiveness spectrum — or if this is merely going to be yet another chance for His Eloquence to deliver an overly affected progressive soliloquy to which not even the people present will pay attention. Either way, despite the administration’s insistence on the foremost importance of the economy, they do seem unusually eager to talk about it when they want to especially avoid talking about something else. The Obama economy just contracted, after all, as Noah aptly reminded us this morning, and Democrats’ excuse about the extraordinarily cold winter being such an insuperable barrier to economic growth — as if no harsh winter in all of American history has ever witnessed a period of economic growth, and there are no other major factors to blame — is the lamest of the lame. Still, better for Obama to talk about why those spiteful Republicans are refusing to work with him on job creation than address a little ol’ foreign-policy flareup like Iraq falling apart, eh?