John Boehner
Apr 2018


Jul 2017

Paul: I’ll vote to proceed on ObamaCare repeal

Ed Morrissey Jul 25, 2017 11:33 AM

Here’s the skinny …

May 2017

“He’s still learning how to be president.”

Oct 2016

He’s going to vote for him anyway.

May 2016

Boehner: Trump can win — ‘just watch’

John Sexton May 12, 2016 10:01 PM

“Thank god that guy from Texas didn’t win.”

Apr 2016

Well … he’s from O-HI-O…

“These are not words that I hear these gentlemen use in response to anyone else.”

“I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Mar 2016

“If you want to be president, you should run for president.”

John Boehner wants Paul Ryan for President

John Sexton Mar 16, 2016 1:01 PM

Long shot.

Feb 2016

Spread the work around, guys

Gone but not forgotten

Dec 2015

“I figured, let’s try to get something going in the Senate, the best possible, given the fact that Harry Reid controls the Senate.”

Nov 2015

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Allahpundit Nov 01, 2015 8:01 AM

Mr. Speaker.

Oct 2015

Ryan: On second thought, I support the budget deal

Ed Morrissey Oct 28, 2015 8:31 AM


Charter schools good, confusing with civil rights…

RSC plan didn’t have the votes.

The House needs a Speaker, but not an Emperor

Jazz Shaw Oct 21, 2015 8:01 AM

Warning signs

WaPo: Ryan reconsidering run for Speaker

Ed Morrissey Oct 09, 2015 9:21 AM

Issa floats a trial balloon — and maybe an endorsement?

Rumor of the day: Mitt Romney for Speaker?

Allahpundit Oct 08, 2015 2:41 PM

Oh yes.

Running out the clock

On McCarthy’s Benghazi “gaffe”

Jazz Shaw Oct 01, 2015 8:41 AM

Explaining doesn’t help

Sep 2015

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Sep 27, 2015 8:01 PM


Change is hard to come by

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Sep 26, 2015 8:31 PM


Threading the needle?

YAY! If done right, of course.

Straight to the top


Aug 2015

The GOP autumn of discontent?

Jazz Shaw Aug 24, 2015 1:21 PM

Troubled waters


Jul 2015

Boehner gets on board with ending oil export ban

Jazz Shaw Jul 30, 2015 9:21 AM

But how does he get it past Obama?

Jun 2015