Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

A Hobson’s choice for Sunday-show fans this morning: You can watch any interview you want, so long as it’s Paul Ryan. The new Speaker is the lead guest on all five programs, where he’ll chat about making peace with the right, staying far, far away from immigration reform (until January 2017), and voting for that grotesque budget bill last week. He’ll also preview what he hopes to achieve in Obama’s last 15 months. A lame-duck Democratic president is perfectly positioned to strike a grand bargain with Republicans on entitlement reform, Ryan’s pet cause. Would Speaker Ryan consider that, knowing how fraught the issue would be amid a presidential campaign? Or will he spend the next year trying to bolster his conservative credentials by serving as the GOP’s chief Obama critic instead?

The other highlight this morning is the continuation of the erupting Bush/Rubio feud, which is one-sided at the moment but probably not for much longer. Jeb Bush will follow Ryan on “Meet the Press” to grouse about Rubio’s missed Senate votes and Rubio will follow Ryan on “Face the Nation” to grouse about certain unnamed Republican candidates doing Hillary Clinton’s work for her by tearing down their younger, more talented conservative rivals. The full line-up is at the AP.