Sep 2018

Make up our minds already

Cory Booker hit with Spartacus ethics complaint

Jazz Shaw Sep 13, 2018 8:01 AM

Just do it

Aug 2018

The “least transparent” in history? Cool story, bro.

Jul 2018

“I don’t think we should be cavalier with this process or this term.”

Apr 2018
Mar 2018

“Mr. Avenatti set a deadline of noon Tuesday for Mr. Cohen to answer the offer from Ms. Clifford…”

“Donald Trump won this election on his own. He campaigned his ass off.”

Oct 2017

Taking rewriting history to an entirely new level

Sep 2017
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Apr 2017

And this time it’s a good idea

Mar 2017

“[H]e would influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the United States, Europe and the former Soviet republics.”

Oct 2016

“We’re doing a lot of reporting around this, so…”

Apr 2016

Maybe. Possibly. Sort of. “Parts of”

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Report: Plea deal in the works for Edward Snowden

Allahpundit Jun 10, 2014 5:31 PM


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Quotes of the day

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