Jun 2017

The divestment movement is bankrupt and soon their pensions will be too

Feb 2017

Because that’s worked so well for everyone else

Drill baby drill

Jan 2017

Follow the money. Your university did.

Dec 2016


Sep 2016

Sacrificing your endowment to “keep it in the ground” isn’t on the fall schedule

Recognizing the hypocrisy and avoiding it

Jun 2016

Shut down

Surprisingly, many investors prefer to make money

Feb 2016

But this is the guy who didn’t like signing statements 8 years ago

Turnabout is fair play?

Take the money and run

Jul 2015

Rocking the progressive boat

Jun 2015

Hard to divest what you’re not invested in

May 2015


Sorry… we’ll take the money

Mar 2015

“it took us about two hours to get them to arrest us”