dana bash
Nov 2017

“What we’re trying to do is let the people’s voice be heard.”

Oct 2017

“Let’s just pretend the shoe was on the other foot.”

Jul 2016
Jun 2016

“My audience are reasonable, fair minded Americans who want to know what happened to four of their fellow citizens…”

I guess he didn’t get around to it

Feb 2016

I think it matters quite a bit to the people you’d like to win over, though

Jan 2016

Blame the game, not the player.

Sep 2015

Politinerds: Hugh Hewitt

Jazz Shaw Sep 11, 2015 9:21 AM

The debate moderator lays it all out for us

Jul 2015

Hard line, with a twist.

Apr 2015
Jun 2014

Learning how to talk to women.

Apr 2014

“But I’m black.”