Mystified CNN reporter: Why aren't the Obamas speaking up about Harvey Weinstein?

Good lord. Never did I think we’d see the day where Barack Obama is not only getting dragged for slowfootedness in condemning rape — on CNN! — but the press’s comparative tolerance of his silence is being used to illustrate partisan media bias against the right. Again, on CNN.

I suppose one good turn deserves another. At one point she asks rhetorically if viewers can imagine the reaction had Republicans looked the other way at accusations of sexual assault against a political mover-and-shaker. You know, I can imagine that, oddly enough.

It is genuinely strange that The One hasn’t fired off a check-the-box “shocked and appalled” statement of his own yet, though. John noted that observers were already grumbling last night about his and Hillary’s radio silence. Now there’s an explosive New Yorker article alleging rape, which forced Hillary’s hand at least. Still no word from O, though. Why not? Obviously he’ll have to denounce Weinstein eventually and maybe field some questions about whether Big Harv ever entertained him during his Oval Office visits with stories about masturbating into a plant in front of an unwilling woman he’d cornered. How hard can it be to address this subject in standard Obama-ese? “Some say Mr. Weinstein is a piece-of-sh*t rapist. Others say he’s a hopeful beacon of progressivism. I reject this false choice.” Boom, done.

Two passing thoughts on Weinstein, in case there’s anything left to say that hasn’t been said yet. One: It occurs to me that an aggressive prosecutor who really wanted to dig into Hollywood’s culture of predation now has a very valuable witness in his crosshairs potentially. If you can convince the women alleging rape to testify against Weinstein, maybe he’d agree to a plea bargain for a lighter sentence in exchange for rolling over on other movie-industry degenerates. Weinstein must have tons of dirt on other scumbags who move in the same circles; it’d be in his interest to accumulate information like that in case he needed to counter a blackmail threat about his own behavior. Bob Mueller’s reportedly been squeezing Paul Manafort as hard as he can in hopes of getting him to rat out other people in Team Trump. This would work the same way, if there’s a prosecutor’s office willing to take on Weinstein and his army of lawyers. Which there probably isn’t.

Two: I’d bet cash money that right now there are media outlets quietly revisiting the accusations of harassment and assault against Trump from last year in hopes of coaxing other accusers to come forward. Some of those outlets will be motivated by partisan tit-for-tat, not wanting Democrats to be roasted endlessly when there’s potentially more material on the Republican-in-chief out there. And some will be motivated by the simple impulse to keep digging on stories about a social ill that’s now rightly under the public microscope and has involved in the recent past the most powerful man in the world. Bill Clinton’s retirement might get a second look from some journalists too.

May all the enablers, personal and professional, burn.

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