cultural appropriation
Aug 2018

“Your jerk Rice is not ok. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.”

“error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is free to combat it.”

May 2018

Conservative women don’t care about women’s issues. Wait… wut?

Apr 2018

You will be made to care.

Mar 2018

Bruno Mars should apparently only be doing country music I guess

Feb 2018

Trudeau’s adoring fans in the media couldn’t even save him

Jan 2018

Looking at the different definitions of multiculturalism

Taylor Millard Jan 21, 2018 8:01 PM

Depends on the person, and political philosophy.

Nov 2017

Or is it just anti-Trump politics?

Oct 2017

“(Which is Irish, by the way.)”

Perhaps you should just go as yourself

Jun 2017

Lock ’em up

Signs of the times?

We haven’t entirely pegged the stupid meter yet, but we’re getting close

May 2017

Real talk, yo.

Mar 2016

When hairstyles can turn violent…