Trudeau's mockable pictures in India add insult to his train wreck of a trip

Candian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau often is seen as the darling of the media. But his error-filled trip to India has been so full of cultural and political faux pas, that his fans in the press couldn’t even save him from himself.


Trudeau’s political, cultural, and fashion missteps have led him to basically be ignored by the Indian government. His diplomatic trip to India has descended into what is basically a rather mockable family vacation.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for being very active on social media. He is known for giving bear hugs to foreign leaders, but he has essentially ignored the Canadian Prime Minister’s trip to India. Just last month, Modi greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu literally with open arms upon his arrival in New Delhi.

Modi did not greet Trudeau at the airport. Instead, the Canadian leader was welcomed by a low-level agricultural minister. Modi’s social media has been silent about the media’s Canadian darling’s visit.

Trudeau’s embrace of Indian separatist extremists in Canada appears to be the initial source of this international snub.

From Toronto Sun:

In April 2017, Trudeau attended a Khalsa Day parade in Toronto where he rubbed elbows with separatists who want an independent Sikh country carved out of Northern India, known as Khalistan. The parade featured shrines and posters of Sikh militants and terrorists, and Trudeau spoke in front of a Khalistan separatist flag.

Our allies in India have taken notice, and many are angry over Trudeau’s pandering to extremists and meddling in India’s internal political affairs.


The situation went from bad to worse when Trudeau’s wife Sophie was photographed at a dinner in Mumbai with Jaspal Atwal, a Canadian of Indian heritage who was sentenced to 20 years by a Candian court for attempted murder of a visiting Indian state minister.

Trudeau’s colorful Indian costumes were likely meant to be seen as a show of respect, but have put the Candian leader right in front of the firing squad of online commenters who see this as cultural appropriation.

Trudeau’s lack of official meetings has turned this visit into a taxpayer-funded site-seeing expedition for his family. Somehow he thought native outfits and prayerful poses would help endear him to locals, but the pictures make it appear as if he is almost mocking them.


Trudeau has been attempting to appear to assimilate into Indian culture, but oddly he must have taken issue with Indian chefs. Candian taxpayers had to foot the bill for a celebrity Toronto chef to accompany the Trudeaus on their expedition.

The Candian Prime Minister’s weeklong tour of India appears to have been a limousine liberal site-seeing expedition along with diplomatic insults. The timing is rather bad for Trudeau after Canadian veterans have accused him of snubbing them.

This trip has many Canadians wondering what the price tag was financially and diplomatically for this embarrassing expedition. A pretty face and a liberal agenda might have gained Trudeau fans in the media, but they couldn’t save him from himself in India.

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