Twitter freaks out over cultural appropriation...of a prom dress

A high school student posted pictures of herself in her prom dress last weekend and a couple days ago, some random person with 1,000 followers decided to dunk on her for cultural appropriation. Why? Well, the dress is Chinese and the student wearing it is not. Here’s the post in question:

She’s a pretty girl and it’s a nice dress. But along comes some far-left rando complaining about cultural appropriation and suddenly it’s a great sin: cultural appropriation.

Lam offered a kind of history of the dress which you can get from Wikipedia. And I’m not guessing about his political outlook. I won’t post a bunch of his material because he’s ultimately just another woke af social justice warrior with 1,000 followers. But, for example, you only need to scroll back a couple tweets to find him retweeting this:

So, yeah, I think we know where he’s coming from on this. But again, a silly dispute between a college student and a high school student probably isn’t worth paying any attention to except for the fact that tens of thousands of other people are joining in to amplify this! There are almost 160,000 people who liked this nonsense. I’m with Jordan Peterson on this. Cultural appropriation, as part of the identity politics ideology just seems like a way to bully people.

In this case, I don’t think you could find 160,000 people (that’s several sports stadiums full) to shame a high school girl over something this trivial if not for the god-awful leftist political ideas behind this. Haven’t we seen the entire media recently defend the honor of the Parkland teens on the grounds that, Hey, they’re just kids? It’s amazing how fast the left goes from ‘don’t attack these poor kids’ to a mean girl army ready to destroy someone the same age over their choice of prom dress. Even more incredible, you can bet they all feel proud of themselves for this shameful behavior.

The only bright spot here is that the high school girl seems to have far more sense and backbone than the entire mean girl army. Yesterday she tweeted this:

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022