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“But my emails.”

Apr 2018
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“Jared feels like he’s being slow-rolled by Kelly’s cronies.”

Masking, unmasking and masquerades

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“There is an ongoing effort to sabotage Trump personally, politically, professionally.”

“I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day.”

Apr 2017

“Normal and appropriate.”

Mar 2017
Nov 2016

“Marina is trying to print for you.”

“If we see an email that says ‘I know that’s classified but send it anyway,’ that would be the kind of smoking gun.”

More pay-to-play?

Sep 2016

“A deliberate deletion of records when there was an order to preserve”?

Aug 2016
Jul 2016

Consciousness of guilt.

Can Donald Trump cripple Hillary Clinton politically?

Jun 2016
May 2016

“I think it’s just a blatant double standard.”

The new line of media defense

Apr 2016
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Brava! Author! Author!

Feb 2016

Plus, another 1600 pages of Benghazi material.


Born to be wildly reckless

Jan 2016

“But there has to be some markings…”

Toss another log on the fire

Cut and paste?

Former AG: It’s time to charge Hillary

Ed Morrissey Jan 23, 2016 2:31 PM

Tick tock.


Sid Blumenthal, super spy?