Video: New Trump ad begins post-Comey political attack on Hillary

FBI Director James Comey may have decided to not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of an un-authorized, non-secure, non-governmental email server for her classified government business as Secretary of State, but that doesn’t mean there won’t e political fall out from his scathing report on the Clinton scam.


Yesterday, I asked a non-rhetorical question:

Can Donald Trump cripple Hillary Clinton politically?

For most of the day, Trumps’ response was two tweets. Far from effective or inspiring.

By 5PM the campaign had released a Facebook video that took a more direct approach. It hammers Clinton on one of the most vulnerable aspects of the email saga: Her outright lies about sending and receiving classified information on the unsecured server:

It’s good. It’s very good.

More, please.

UPDATE:  It’s true, the Trump ad is good, but not as good as this offering from Reason. The Trump team should bring the Reason video team on board immediately.



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