Hot Air Primary Survey Results: May Edition

With over 6000 votes cast, Sarah Palin has again won the Hot Air GOP primary survey. She leads a field of Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Mitch Daniels, among others.

The map:

(If you’re unfamiliar with the map controls, they’re laid out here. “Trial and error” isn’t a bad approach, either.)

The table:

Let me say up front, as I’ve said before, that these numbers are legitimate — they represent one vote per voter. So, Ron Paul’s people have come out in force, and thus have put him into the fourth spot.

The Hot Air Presidential primary, over time.

There appears to be a growing separation between Hot Air candidates, with a bit of a space developing between the candidates who have taken 5% and 10% of the vote. We’ll see if that pattern holds up going forward. Also note the dip in Palin support; she still leads by a significant margin, but her vote-take this month was her second-worst to date.

The top vote getter for Vice President? Allen West, whose percentage of the vote actually grew from 19% in April to over 24% in May. He comfortably leads a tight pack of candidates, starting with Paul Ryan, followed by a Michele Bachmann/Marco Rubio tie (our first ever tie in the top 5,) and Herman Cain (the only candidate to appear in the top 5 of both the President and VP surveys.)

Any of the results surprise you? Think we should ask something we haven’t yet? Interested in a result or crosstab I haven’t posted? Tell me here or in the comments.