Billy Jeff Begs the Press to Revisit Hillary's Past Scandals

Below, Allahpundit catches Bill Clinton in his familiar self-pity mode:

“Nobody would like it better than us if you could get that personal vilification out of there, because nobody’s been vilified more than we have,” he said, after noting that he thought Hillary and McCain could run a respectful campaign. “One of the problems with laying down and turning the other cheek is McCain had one dose of it. They gave it to us for eight years.

“And the fact of the matter is, independent voters think you’re polarizing if someone else attacks you, even if that someone is Rush Limbaugh, even if you’ve been totally exonerated of every single charge ever leveled against you, which Hillary was — and some people forgot to tell you about that,” he said, jabbing again at the press.

I want to put to the side for the moment the issue of whether voters are eager to hear four or eight more years of Billy Jeff’s self-indulgent whining martyr talk. I have a more relevant question:

Hillary has been totally exonerated of every charge ever leveled against her?

As we all know, the press considers Hillary’s skeletons in the closet to be old news. But if there was ever a reason for Big Media to resurrect the Hillary Controversies from past years, this is it. It’s an invitation to do so.

It’s relevant to the question of whether Billy is telling the truth about her total exoneration.

Let’s just have a taste, from a 2000 CNN story:

Independent Counsel Robert Ray’s final report on the White House travel office case found first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s testimony in the matter was “factually false,” but concluded there were no grounds to prosecute her.

Total Exoneration!