Video: State Dept. would like press to accentuate the positive on coalition building

Oh, the press corps that had a field day with “you forgot Poland” because it was somehow tactless and inappropriate for George W. Bush to correct John Kerry’s mistake and accentuate that yes, indeed, his coalition was broader than Kerry or the press allowed?

Good luck with that. I hate to double you up on Harf, but since Allahpundit mentioned it incredulously today, I thought you should see it.

MATT LEE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: The Saudis apparently don’t want to speak for themselves, that’s the problem. The Germans said they are not going to participate militarily, you have the Turks saying that, you have the British foreign secretary clearly uninformed about his own government’s position on this.

HARF: Why do you always focus on what people say they won’t do instead of the plethora of things they have said they will do? What is that what you focus — that’s actually not an unfair question, I don’t think, when we focus on our effort here.