Bill Clinton: It took Hillary six months to recuperate from concussion, no big deal

Hmm, or as a friend put it on Facebook, “Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard.”

I mean, really. He sabotages her, right?

Bill Clinton did more today than defend his wife, Hillary Clinton, from recent accusations leveled by GOP strategist Karl Rove that she suffered brain damage after falling in December 2012.

The former president revealed that his wife’s injury “required six months of very serious work to get over,” he said during a question-and-answer session at the Peterson Foundation in Washington.

“They went to all this trouble to say she had staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over,” he said. “It’s something she never low-balled with the American people, never tried to pretend it didn’t happen.”


Well, that’s pretty serious. I’m a fairly well-informed political news consumer, by any measure, and though I thought her injury sounded more serious than the administration let on, I was not aware at all that it took her six months to get better. There’s a reason for that. The State Department said it took a month:

But Bill Clinton’s timeline appears to differ from official comments from the State Department at the time.

“Judging by the woman we saw this morning and the workload that she’s got she seems to be fully recovered,” spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters at a State Department briefing Jan. 7, 2013, about a month after Hillary Clinton’s fall and concussion occurred.

Not everyone had the same takeaway, suggesting Hillary is safe on yet another issue of incomplete disclosure:

Hillary news

Here’s his defense of her, which again, he’s trolling us, right?

“She works out every week. She is strong. She’s doing great. As far as I can tell, she’s in better shape than I am. She certainly seems to have more stamina,” Clinton said. “If she does [have brain damage], then I must be in really tough shape because she’s still quicker than I am.”

The former president said Rove’s suggestion was a reminder that “consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

I think Hillary Clinton has all her faculties, but I also think her fall was more probably serious than anyone let on, which seems pertinent. Bill seems to suggest my hunch was correct.


CNN takes this moment to commemorate Bill’s role as “responder-in-chief.” It’s one he’s certainly happy to play, but not without controversy. For someone who’s so preternaturally good at politics, those mistakes sure are a mystery.

ABC seems to be about the only one pursuing the inconsistency in State’s and Bubba’s timelines now, but they’ve got the full timeline of disclosure, here. It won’t likely amount to much, but I don’t mind them having to answer a few questions.

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