It begins: White House edging away from "keep your doctor" promise

Allahpundit called it during the last press conference:

We all knew this was bunk, too. In order to put all the “Essential Health Benefits” into new Obamacare compliant plans, prices had to go up. In order to keep prices in the ballpark of affordability, insurance companies look for other places to change plans. “Essential Health Benefits” are mandated by Obamacare, but coverage networks aren’t. So, you get more “benefits” from a smaller network of doctors, which may not include the doctor you liked. You’re welcome.

Old and busted: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.

New hotness: Hey, things change a lot in the private insurance market, y’all.

In this round of excuse making, Carney once again goes to the “evil insurance company” well, even throwing Romney into the mix. Obama didn’t do a government takeover of health care, you see? He implemented a Romney-like plan, which didn’t allow him to dictate to insurance companies (nevermind that that’s exactly what he was doing yesterday), so he can’t be blamed for this. Then why, pray tell, did he make the promise when he knew he couldn’t control it? To pass the law, of course.

You think people are mad about losing their plans? Even losing one’s doctor is not always the hugest deal to a healthy adult. You don’t see them that often anyway. But this thing really starts to spiral out of control when people’s children start losing their doctors. Pediatricians are dang near family members to many parents. Parents who vote.

Keep Karl’s checklist handy! It’s devastating health care changes you were promised wouldn’t happen Bingo!

In New Hampshire, the exchange attracted only one insurance provider, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which has excluded 10 of the state’s 26 hospitals from the health plans it offers through the exchange. Similar issues lurked in Edie Sundby’s story. Obamacare will even reduce choice in the Medicare population. President Obama (and other Democrats, most likely) promised that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If Democrats thought the public got angry over the “If you like your plan” lie, they should imagine the public anger when people lose their doctors and hospitals. Doctors are not as easily demonized as health insurers; perhaps Obama will accuse them of unnecessarily removing your tonsils and amputating your feet for profit again.

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