Pelosi: Why, no, I have no desire to denounce the molesty Democratic mayor of San Diego

Leave this kind of thing to San Diegans.

After all, local news stories are just local news stories unless they serve a larger truth favored by our friends in media and folks like Rep. Nancy Pelosi. And, the idea that a man in a position of power might systematically abuse that power, doling out unwanted sexual advances coupled with threats of punishment for non-compliance, the idea that a mayor of a major American city might require a standing rule not to meet with women behind closed doors and the creation of “workplace safety zones” for women who feel threatened by him, the idea that numerous harassment allegations had been treated casually and cavalierly for years by a party apparatus intent on covering them up, not ensuring safety of women in the workplace, the idea that said leader should then maybe not give a keynote speech at a conference about sexual harassment in the military— these are not larger truths worth exploring because the man in power is a Democrat.

Simple as that. No matter that Filner has already publicly copped to “fail[ing] to fully respect the women who work for me and with me, and that at times I have intimidated them.” Or, that the woman who brought the allegations of a handful of anonymous victims forward, with two prominent San Diego lawyers, is a Democratic councilwoman and former Filner ally.

Moving right along, people:

“I’m not here to make any judgments.” I can understand her surprise at this question. Since when are national politicians required to comment on the transgressions of regional politicians, especially in the realm of gender politics and women’s issues? What next? A question about some politician’s comments in Missouri or Indiana?

Local Democrats decided Thursday Filner shouldn’t resign, and he continues to be backed by the very woman who brought forward allegations of six women two years ago only to have the party ignore those concerns.

Let’s face it. Unless and until there’s news Filner aggressively used Ron Burgundy quotes while “forcibly kissing,” threatening, and touching the asses of his female subordinates, thereby pushing this story into the Buzzfeed gif news cycle, this is going exactly nowhere on the national stage. The biggest thing NPR can find wrong with the Filner affair is that it’s distracting from San Diego’s awesomeness. Here’s to eventual affidavits featuring amorous references to “Pleasure Town” and “a whale’s vagina.”

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