Inevitable: The Obama "Uh" supercut

There’s no harm in enjoying it for a day, you, uhh, extremist, um, mob, uhh, of hostage-taking, uhh, bitter, um, clingers. If only you rabble could put a sentence together like our professorial leader, here.


So, that’s 51 seconds of “uhs” for The One.

Allahpundit’s got the ratings covered, with 67.2 million tuning in to see President Obama look worse than he’s looked all campaign and Gov. Mitt Romney look better than he’s ever looked.

The Daily‘s Daniel Libit asked a psychophysiologist to evaluate the number of blinks by candidates:

As The Daily reported earlier this week, Boston College psychophysiologist Joseph Tecce has found that since 1980, the candidate who blinks the least during the televised debates has gone on to win the popular vote. In his preliminary analysis of last night’s debate, Tecce found that Obama lost in a landslide: he blinked an average of about 75 times a minute, compared to 55 times a minute for Mitt Romney.

Closing statements were the blinkiest, but Obama outdid Romney there, too:

Both candidates seemed to do the most blinking during their concluding statements: Obama, 100 times per minute; Romney, 94. Tecce said this increase is consistent with past findings of elevated blinking during closing remarks.

Tecce also noted — as others have — that Obama showed “frequent gaze avoidance” during last night’s debate, which is often a physiological response to stress.

As Ed pointed out this morning:

A Smart Politics analysis finds that Mitt Romney spoke for 38 minutes and 14 seconds, or 47.3 percent of the candidate-allotted speaking time – a full four minutes and 26 seconds less than Barack Obama.


Moderator Jim Lehrer, mocked for his performance, actually spoke about 1,400 words last night, according to the transcript.

In 2008’s opening debate between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama, he got in only 1,200 words, so his performance wasn’t all that different.

Nonetheless, @SilentJimLehrer already has 9,557 followers.

AEI went all word-cloud on the transcripts and found each candidate’s most frequently used words.

Obama: Gov. Romney
Romney: People

A Twitter analysis showed “Romney had 2.1 million mentions, compared to 1.6 million for Obama. Volumes peaked during the live debate, with Romney getting almost double Obama’s mentions (approximately 1.1 million to 600,000).”

Proportion of positive tweets about Romney that were about his hair: 9 percent

And, Ohio tweeters paired the s-word with Romney or Obama 806 times Wednesday night.

Fun with data!

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