In anthem protests, NFL's Goodell had a secret defender on Twitter

Who knew when that walking tattoo billboard discovered social injustice in America last winter what a kneeling mess it would become for National Football League players, the league and owners.

The emotional controversy touches on patriotism, the flag, veterans, fallen troops, invited a tweeting president to stoke the flames, slashed TV ratings and, once again, aimed fire at Roger Goodell, league commissioner.

But now the Wall Street Journal has uncovered an intriguing little sidebar to the controversy.

Unbeknownst to millions of fans and viewers on all sides of the issue, Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner, has been secretly supporting hubby all over the digital battlefield of Twitter.

Using the name Jonessmith or @forargument, the former Fox broadcaster has been arguing with critics of the commissioner’s actions or inactions on such things as the ongoing National Anthem protests by players. But don’t bother searching for the account. Once outed by the Journal, the page was quickly deleted.

When an NBC sports blog called on Goodell to handle the anthem protests better, the Twitter account responded: “Please do better reporting. He is already doing this. You are behind.”

She’s right. In fact, as Allahpundit reported this week, in a memo obtained by espn, Goodell ordered players to stand for the anthem. “Why is everyone so immature? (including you?),” one of Mrs. Goodell’s tweets chastised a sports columnist. Then, ‘The premise of your article is silly,” she told another writer.

“It was a REALLY silly thing to do and done out of frustration—and love,” Mrs. Goodell told the Journal Thursday, adding: “I have always passionately defended the hard-working guy I love—and I always will. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!”

As sweet or silly as it might be, none of Mrs. Goodell’s tweets these past two months drew any likes, comments or ReTweets. Through a spokesman, @nflcommish said he was unaware of his wife’s account, though she’s been faithfully liking his tweets.

Jazz Shaw Aug 07, 2022 2:31 PM ET