Pence hammers FBI investigation: 'Doesn't pass the smell test'

On this morning’s Hugh Hewitt Show Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN), the GOP nominee for Vice President, squared up on the FBI and hammered the agency for an investigation that “doesn’t rise to the level of being over the appearance of impropriety.”

Listen to the full interview here since Hugh asks the governor about a whole host of issues and the entire exchange is lively and informative, as usual:

HEWITT: We have the Attorney General on a plane with Bill Clinton. We have Director Comey giving basically incomprehensible press conference followed by indecipherable testimony.  And now we have a very honorable man, I’m sure, Deputy Director McCabe. His wife runs for state senate in Virginia, gets $675,000 in Terry McAuliffe donations directed or controlled. He goes on to become the deputy director and does not recuse himself from the server investigation. I think, and he’s a great FBI agent, 20 years, Russian mob, counter-terrorism, all that stuff. But what has happened to the Bureau that they are so indifferent to that admonition to avoid even the appearance of impropriety?

PENCE: Well, I think, actually you beat me to the punch on that last one. This is, you know, the questions that emanate out of the idea that the deputy director’s wife received, what was it, about half a million dollars from Terry McAuliffe’s PAC and from the Democratic Party? And people know Terry McAuliffe’s close relationship with the Clintons has been going on for generations, or for at least a generation. It just doesn’t rise to the level of being over the appearance of impropriety. I mean, the idea that the deputy director of the FBI was not intimately involved in the most high profile case of the FBI, investigating Hillary Clinton’s server, just doesn’t, it just doesn’t pass the smell test. But it, you know, cumulative weight of all of this, particularly when you look at the fate of General Cartwright, who’s being held to account, who may well go to jail, a vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is being properly held to account for having compromised classified information, what it says to the American people is that there is a double standard. What it says to the American people is that we all live under a certain set of laws and rules, and well we should, but that Hillary Clinton and those around her seem to be held to a different standard. And you know, I thought we decided back in the 1970s that no one was above the law, even the president of the United States? And I truly do believe it’s one of the reasons why you see these incredible crowds coming out for Donald Trump, and even, you know, over a thousand people out for me yesterday at venues in North Carolina. I’ll be in Ohio today. The enthusiasm on the ground, I think, is that the American people know something is wrong in our system. There’s, it seems to work for the favored few and not for the American people. And I think that’s the reason why Donald Trump’s going to be elected. In part, it’s going to be a reason why Donald Trump’s elected as the next president of the United States, because the American people want change, and they want to end this day of double standards at the highest level.

Other highlights of the wide-ranging interview include Pence speculating on critical down-ticket Senate races, the Trump/Pence ticket’s prospects in critical North Carolina, and Pence’s strong endorsement of Paul Ryan remaining as Speaker of the House.

“I actually get excited when I think about the combination of a leader like Donald Trump, who’ll cast a vision for a stronger and more prosperous America working with Paul Ryan and working with Mitch McConnell,” the Governor said.


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