Video: Specter jumps onstage, interrupts Sestak

You stay classy, Senator. Arlen Specter was at it again during a candidate forum over the weekend. This time, the target was his primary rival, Rep. Joe Sestak, who were supposed to be doing separate Q&As:

TPM, which immediately went for the Kanye-esque “Imma Let You Finish…” headline, reports that Specter did not break any rules for the joint appearance. But this episode follows his recent condescending remarks to Rep. Michelle Bachman, for which he was forced to apologize. Arlen Specter is a man seriously in danger of having his report card marked, “Does not play well with others.”

Then again, you might be cranky too, if you were being outpolled and outraised by likely GOP nominee Pat Toomey. But the most recent polls — from Rasmussen and Franklin & Marshall — show Specter besting Sestak in the primary by roughly 20 points.

Is Specter just miffed that he has to go through the motions with Sestak, or are his internal polls telling a different story?

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