Video: Chris Matthews compares the GOP to the Khmer Rouge

Courtesy of Ken Shepard at NewsBusters, a tasty bite of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews likening the Republican Party to genocidal Communists who slaughtered millions:

What other conclusion could you draw about a party jubilant over the election of Scott Brown, who by one measure is pretty darned liberal, and calls himself a “new breed of Republican”? Certainly, Matthews could draw no other conclusion, having called Brown’s election the “deliberate, premeditated murder … of health care.”

Not that this sort of absurd ad hominem is new for Matthews, who in the past two months also compared the GOP to the Confederacy. Indeed, Chris has been on a roll these past few weeks. He called West Point an “enemy camp.” He also called Tea Partiers “teabaggers” — all of whom were white. That one is now twice as ludicrous, in light of his “forgetting Obama was black” moment. They all say more about Matthews than his subjects.

In this case, Ken Shepard correctly notes that Matthews should apologize not only to the GOP, but to Cambodians for his casual treatment of genocide. To set an example, I will pre-emptively apologize to Matthews for my McCarthyist tactic of listing just a few of his more idiotic comments here.

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