Clinton and Obama Left Biden Hanging Before They Threw Him a Lifeline

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President Joe Biden keeps telling people to watch him when they have doubts about his ability to do his job. We did that during the first presidential debate. Yikes.


25th Amendment, anyone? Remember when Democrats wanted VP Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet to take out Trump by using the 25th Amendment? They didn't like what Trump said or did so they started lying about his mental acuity. Outlets like CNN and MSNBC brought on so-called experts like psychiatrists who diagnosed Trump even though they had never even met the president. Those voices are awfully quiet now. Imagine that.

I am almost enjoying the media freak-out over Biden's terrible performance during the debate as much as I did the media freak-out over the 2016 presidential election result. I'm clinging to the hope that I'll experience that glee again with the presidential election this November. 

The reaction by so many Democrats will not be forgotten. At the top of the list right now are former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Both of the former Democrat presidents took a long time to speak up for their guy, Joe Biden, after the debate. While the major freak-out played out at its most intense, they were quiet. 

Bill Clinton waited until early evening to post on social media.


All the talking points. Clinton just pushed out the standard DNC talking points. "Quagmire." How very early 2000s of you, Bill. 

Obama posted on X a little sooner than Clinton. Not much, but by less than 2 hours earlier. 

Obama stuck with Trump's a liar and just out for himself. It was the same old same old lazy response.

Obama's reaction was the important one, though. Many elected officials were waiting to take guidance from Obama. Obama and Clinton hesitated to get into the fray but when they did, they offered Biden a lifeline. The two former presidents knew Biden was too stubborn and egocentric to realize that it was time to leave the race. Jill Biden let it be known to those around her, according to reporting, that she wants Joe to stay in the race. Case closed. 

We are now being told that it was just a bad night for the president. He had a cold. The mean Orange Man was lying. Never mind that we have all been lied to for four years about how fit and sharp Biden is, how he is the hardest-working man in Washington and has been such a successful president. All of that was exposed to be fake news on Thursday night. 


Trump, to his great credit, did what he needed to do. He called the Biden campaign's bluff and accepted the terms of the debate. Biden got the lion's share of his team's demands. They picked the venue, the network, and so on. They thought that the cut-the-mic thing would work to Biden's advantage because they were concerned about Trump being undisciplined and jumping in to shut down Biden. That didn't happen. Trump was disciplined. He made faces when Biden lied but didn't interrupt him. He let Biden dig his own hole.

It is hard to believe that Biden prepared for more than a week yet he still brought up debunked talking points. He brought up the Charlottesville demonstration though Snopes discredited that story just a few days ago. Biden brought up the phony comment attributed to Trump at a cemetery in France by a general Trump fired. Biden persisted. 

Some Never Trumpers who abandoned the Republican Party and chased gigs on Democrat-friendly networks are now acting shocked, shocked I tell you, that Biden is in such bad shape. They knew. They played along to keep those sweet media gigs coming, yet now they, too, are exposed. They are no better than the others in the media who covered for Biden to keep Democrats in power. 

Those who worked for Trump or in his White House and turned on him to sell books or make television appearances are the biggest hypocrites.


She is one of the worst. She is on The View, like another former Republican, Ana Navarro. She's not shocked, she got caught covering for a man who can't do the job and now she has to admit the people she turned on were right all along about Biden. 

There is this guy who endorsed Biden this week before the debate. 


Biden is a habitual liar, Adam. You know it. Everyone knows it. Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media were willing to overlook that character flaw. 

Joe Biden isn't going anywhere. He is too obsessed with power and so is his wife. If he leaves politics, his family's gravy train ends. They have made a lot of money by selling access to the Big Guy. 

If Biden was to get out of the race, who would replace him? Kamala expects it to be her and there are reports that she is pissed that no one is offering her name as a replacement. Names like Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer are bantered around. How can Democrats get rid of a black woman? She's the first woman and the first black vice president. It was never about merit in her selection, it was all about checking off identity boxes. Now the Democrats are stuck.


Kamala is Biden's insurance policy. No one wants Joe but even more don't want Kamala. The double-edged sword is that a second Biden term all but guarantees a President Kamala. That is horrifying.

Democrats are in a pickle. It is of their own doing. The media has a lot of explaining to do. Meanwhile, Joe will continue as he has and Jill will continue screaming "liar" about Trump at her events. They have nothing else to go on. The Democrat convention is going to be lit, y'all. We thought it would be because of the pro-Hamas Democrats. Then the debate happened. 

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David Strom 2:40 PM | July 24, 2024