Two Illegal Aliens From Venezuela Rape and Kill 12-Year-Old Girl in Houston

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I watched the mayor of my city do a press briefing on the discovery of the body of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray. Her body was found strangled in a north Houston creek.


Two men were identified through surveillance photos and arrested Thursday morning. They were found near where they killed Jocelyn. They were questioned by investigators. 

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, now face capital murder charges. 

"We’ve been working around the clock since that time trying to find out what happened to her and who was responsible and to get them off the street,” acting Chief Larry Satterwhite said during a news conference at police headquarters. The hard work paid off, he said

Investigators asked the public to help locate the two men seen in the surveillance photos and the public was credited for doing just that. 

When I first heard about this little girl, she was missing. Then her body was found. Then there was the press conference Thursday with the police chief and the mayor. No one said the two men that had been arrested were illegal aliens. I knew they were, though. Of course, they were. This is Houston. These are the stories we hear way too often, especially since the Biden border crisis. 


The two men were from Venezuela. The Biden administration put in place a parole policy for Venezuelans - up to 30,000 can enter the country each month if they follow the rules. These two animals didn't do that. They entered the country illegally. 

Pena Ramos illegally crossed into El Paso, Texas, in May, sources with the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to Fox News. He was caught by Border Patrol agents and was released into the U.S. with a Notice to Appear in court. 

Rangel Martinez also crossed illegally into El Paso in March and was caught by Border Patrol. He was released into the U.S. on an unknown basis. 

Both were part of Joe Biden's catch-and-release policy. Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas have blood on their hands. How many more little girls have to die before they secure the southern border? How many women have to be killed before it happens? They don't care.

Her mother has the relief of knowing the men are off the streets. "It's just an overwhelming sense of relief to know they're just not out there," Nungaray's mother, Alexis Nungaray, told Fox Houston.

Earlier this week, Houston Mayor John Whitmire said Nungaray was at a convenience store and was talking to her 13-year-old boyfriend on the phone after sneaking out of her family's apartment. The boyfriend told investigators that he could hear Nungaray talking with two people. 

Martinez and Ramos started their evening at a restaurant together on Sunday night, police said.

They left the restaurant and walked southbound when they were spotted on camera, police said. They were later seen meeting with Nungaray and talking to her for a few minutes. Later, Rangel Martinez and Pena Ramos, along with Jocelyn, walked to a 7-Eleven convenience store.

Authorities this week released images taken from surveillance video from the 7-Eleven where Nungaray was last seen.  

Afterward, the three of them walked to a bridge, where investigators said Nungaray was murdered. Rangel Martinez and Pena Ramos then walked to the apartment they shared and left the girl's body behind, police said. Police believe the pair lived in the same apartment complex as Nungaray.


They raped her, killed her, and tossed her body into a creek. Then they walked back home. I can't imagine the terror that this 12-year-old girl must have felt for the last minutes of her life. 

The mayor was visibly shaken during the press conference. He put the justice system on notice - he'll be watching them.

"We're going to be watching you; the arrests have taken place, and the charges have been filed. Now, we want the justice system to do its job. If there was ever a circumstance where you do not give someone bail, this is it," he said.

No bail, indeed. Let them rot behind bars for the rest of their lives. Biden won't deport them, we know that. 

Mayor Whitmire said he had taken a personal interest in Jocelyn's case. 

Whitmire said he had taken a personal interest in the case, and had even joined Satterwhite in the field Tuesday night while reviewing security camera video that showed Jocelyn and the two men. Whitmire said that he spoke to Jocelyn's mother, Alexis Nungaray, on Thursday afternoon, while she was making funeral arrangements.

"This is such a horrendous crime, I don't want to see these individuals on bond on the streets of Houston if at all possible," Whitmire said. 

Say her name, Joe Biden. Say her name, Secretary Mayorkas. A 12-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death by two illegal aliens allowed to remain in our country. This has to stop. 


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