Biden Campaign Brought Robert De Niro to Trash Trump Outside the Courthouse

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The Biden campaign has decided it is time to weigh in on former President Trump's legal challenge in a Manhattan courtroom. The campaign brought out actor Robert De Niro to do its dirty work. 


It can't be stressed enough - Team Biden and the Biden White House is in a deep panic. They see the writing on the wall as the state of the presidential race stands today. Joe Biden is losing badly to Donald Trump. This election will be decided by a few counties in a handful of battleground states. To date, Trump is ahead of Biden in all of the battleground states except Wisconsin, where the two candidates are tied. 

The Biden campaign sent out a media advisory for their event that can only be seen as an attempt to interfere with a criminal trial. In true Biden campaign style, the wrong date was on it. Today is May 28 and the media advisory put the date of the press conference as May 27. Dorks.

This stunt was a truly horrible idea. The only campaign decision worse is that Biden will speak from the White House after Trump's trial verdict is announced. From the White House. Let that settle in. 

Along with De Niro, the campaign also brought along two Capitol Police officers from Washington. They were both involved in the J6 riot. Harry Dunn — who is running for Congress, and Michael Fanone were with the Biden campaign today. It's not political. Why do you think this stunt was political? 

Remember when Joe Biden ran for president and promised a return to normal? Nothing has been normal with his administration. Americans are divided as never before. The country is going to hell in a handbasket while Biden eats ice cream and spends weekends at his beach house. 


Biden and the Democrats are waging lawfare against his opponent, Donald Trump, to keep Trump out of the White House and Biden in power. This has never been seen before. It's all political with Team Biden and the stunt in front of the courthouse in Manhattan was proof of that.

Believe it or not, the campaign rolled out actor Robert De Niro as their new spokesperson. It is hard to imagine a more Trump-deranged celebrity than De Niro. I have written about his hatred of Trump for years. 

In 2018, De Niro showed his derangement to the world when he was announced at the Tony Awards. He came on stage and screamed, "F*** Trump!" The audience went wild for that. 

De Niro continues to use every television appearance to promote his unhinged behavior against Trump. He can't let it go. In 2019, De Niro thought Buttigieg would be the strongest candidate to beat Trump. Heh.

He loves to drop an F-bomb. All of his acceptance speeches turn into a political screed. In 2023, De Niro brought out the sad trombones when Trump announced his re-election bid. Trump didn't win in 2016, you know, SHE did. De Niro has gotten so predictable and so bad that one award event allegedly edited his speech to take out his ugliness toward Trump. That is what De Niro claimed.


You get the picture.

Of course, it was ridiculous that the press conference opened with Michael Tyler, the Biden-Harris communication director, stating that the stunt was not political. They truly think people are stupid. 

When De Niro began to speak, he slammed the Trump supporters who were there to protest the trial. He called the supporters "clowns," the same word used by New York Governor Hochul when Trump held his big campaign rally in the Bronx. Democrats don't learn. 

“If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave! He will never leave! You know that. He will never leave,” DeNiro said, claiming that Trump would make himself “dictator for life.”

“What does that mean? Is that the country we want to live in? Do we want him running this country and saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m dictator for life’?” he added.

“I hope this new ad campaign reaches outside the bubble to remind supporters of what a danger he is to our lives. This is not a threat, this is a reality,” he continued.

He read his remarks. He was an actor reading a script. 


What better way to draw attention to the politics of the lawfare conducted against Trump than for Biden's campaign to hold a press conference in front of the courthouse while Trump was sitting in a courtroom? 

Too bad for De Niro and his fellow TDS travelers that Trump has a record in office. He left the White House on the day he was required to do so. Biden is the one grasping for power, trying to keep his opponents off the ballot and, in the case of Trump, in jail. Biden's America is beginning to look like a banana republic. 

As he left, Trump supporters yelled at De Niro. He returned fire by claiming Democrats are "trying to be gentlemen" and calling the Trump supporters "gangsters." 

Cringeworthy stuff, old man. 

Robert De Niro won't change a single mind. He comes off as an unhinged maniac. He didn't even read his script well. It was like someone handed it to him before he went to the mic to speak. 

The Biden campaign is counting on stunts like this to pull him over the finish line in November. This is only the day after Memorial Day. Traditionally, it is Labor Day when most voters start to pay attention. There is nothing traditional about this election cycle. 


Here's a little tidbit - De Niro showed up in a cloth mask before the press conference began. Who's the clown, Mr. De Niro? 

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