Biden Trashes 'Screwy' and 'Unhinged' Trump in Detroit - He's Running for Revenge

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President Biden had a weekend chock full of groveling for the support of black voters. After he addressed the graduating seniors at Morehouse College on Sunday, he went to Detroit to speak during a gala event for the NAACP. 


Instead of inspiring the college graduates at Morehouse, a traditional goal for commencement addresses, Biden turned his speech into a purely political one. He focused on dividing the young black men against Trump, Republicans, and white people in general. He lied extensively about the desire of Republicans to take away voting rights. Biden went so far as to say Trump envisions an America without black people. It was all about victimization and how black people can't get ahead in America, or something. 

It was a study of an angry old man obsessed with his political opponent who was willing to ruin a commencement address with ugly partisan politics. Biden robbed the young men of inspiration and joy.

After that disgusting performance by the president, Biden traveled to Detroit in search of black voter support in that city. 

Biden was the keynote speaker at the NAACP's annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner held at Huntington Place in Detroit. He received a lifetime achievement award from the organization.

Biden takes the opportunity to call Trump a loser whenever possible. It's his way of taunting Trump and getting under Trump's skin. Biden told the audience that black voters are the reason he won in 2020 and they will make Trump a loser again in November. 

"The nation... needs all of you," Biden said. "Because of your vote, it's the only reason I'm standing here as president of the United States... You're the reason Donald Trump is the defeated former president and you're the reason Donald Trump is going to be a loser again."


When he was at the end of his speech, Biden said that the United States has failed to achieve the ideal of equality but there is no reason to stop striving for that. That is when he declared that Trump would walk away from black Americans. “We’ve never fully lived up to it, but we’ve never fully walked away from it either. But Trump will.” It's all about revenge for Trump. 

In a speech that began at 8 p.m. Biden also called Trump "screwy" saying he wants to roll back safety regulations, cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations and cut health care. He also called Trump "unhinged," saying Trump wants to pardon supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to certify Biden's win on Jan. 6, 2021, and asking the crowd what it thought Trump would have done if Black voters had done so.

"Trump isn't running to lead America. He's running for revenge," Biden said.

The irony is that Biden is a racist. He spoke at the funeral of West Virginia Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, a former KKK member. He did the same for Strom Thurmond, the former South Carolina senator and "Dixiecrat" presidential candidate who supported segregation. 

Biden has a history of saying he doesn't believe black people have been suppressed in America.

In a 1975 Senate hearing, then-NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director Jack Greenberg criticized Biden for sponsoring a bill limiting the court's power to use buses to desegregate schools. He said the legislation "heaves a brick through the window of school integration."

That year, a Delaware newspaper quoted Biden as saying he didn't "buy the concept" that Black people have been oppressed for hundreds of years.

"I do not buy the concept, popular in the '60s, which said, 'We have suppressed the Black man for 300 years, and the White man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers," Biden was quoted as saying. "In order to even the score, we must now give the Black man a head start, or even hold the White man back, to even the race. I don't buy that."


Biden fought against school desegregation, an issue Kamala Harris brought up during a Democrat primary debate in the 2020 election. 

Donald Trump, in contrast, is building support with black voters. Trump worked on criminal justice reform, whether you agree with his approach or not, long before Biden bothered to talk about it. He signed legislation with much fanfare at the White House. 

Trump's economic policies were beneficial for all Americans, despite what Democrats say. Democrats have said the same thing every election year for decades - Republicans want to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Trump gave tax breaks to earners at every level of income and the economy boomed. The economy is a top issue with voters because Biden's policies have brought historic levels of pain for everyone. Trump's economy looks pretty good to voters when they make the comparison between him and Biden.

Biden told the audience that the NAACP was the first organization he ever joined. With Biden's history of lying, I assume this, too, is a lie. If Biden's lips are moving, assume he's lying. 

The audience cheered Biden and chanted "Four more years." Governor Whitmer was there, as was retiring Senator Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow was given the President’s Award from NAACP Detroit President Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony. 

Biden called Trump “a different breed of cat,” and “not your typical Republican.” He also implied Supreme Court Justices appointed by Trump don't have a brain

“Let me ask you, if he’s re-elected, who do you think he’ll put on the Supreme Court? Do you think he’ll put anybody who has a brain?” Biden asked the crowd, adding Trump would undo policies he’s implemented to help with health insurance for Black Americans.


Have you heard the nonsense coming out of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson? Biden checks identity boxes when making decisions and she was his way of making good on putting the first black woman on the Supreme Court. She is there because of her skin color, not her legal intellectual abilities. 

Biden trashes Trump and he trashes America when he speaks. As he panders for black votes, a logical question to ask is if America is so bad for black people, why hasn't he done anything to make it better? He's the president. It points to his failures as a leader. I don't think he's smart enough to realize that. 

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