Ticket to ride: NYC mayor gives free bus tickets to Canada for asylum-seekers

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The hustle and bustle of New York City are just too much for some illegal aliens, so they are taking advantage of free tickets to Canada. Free to them, of course, but no one is saying exactly where the money is coming from for the tickets. Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul are keeping quiet on how this move is being financed.


Governor Hochul has confirmed that National Guard members have been deployed to Port Authority. They greet the migrants upon arrival and answer questions. They also hand out free tickets for shuttles that will take them up to the Canadian border. From there they can walk across the border to be met by Canadian police. City Hall officials call it a ‘re-ticketing’ plan to help migrants work their way to Canada. Justin Trudeau has been outspoken about building a haven for people in need so New York is taking him up on his claim.

You really can’t make this stuff up. The illegal aliens taking part in this program are moving on from New York because they think Canada will be more welcoming than the United States. Migrants have been housed, fed, and provided whatever services are needed … yet they don’t feel welcomed. They cross into this country illegally, are provided with what they need in the border state, then are provided transportation to a sanctuary city or state of their choice. Now they have the option to seek greener pastures in Canada.

The migrants complain of homelessness and drug use in the United States.

Numerous migrants traveling to Canada reported being disgusted by the conditions they faced in NYC, where they felt at risk from homeless people and drug users.

‘I wanted to live in New York because I thought it would be a better future for my daughters,’ said 33-year-old Peruvian Susy Sanchez Solzarno, who was traveling with her family. ‘But as the days went by, I saw insecurity, many homeless people, many people who shout and are disrespectful, and many people on drugs.’

‘I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls,’ she told The Post. ‘I only ask God that everything goes well and that Canada is not like the United States.’

Manuel Rodon, a 26-year-old from Venezuela, said he was kicked out of the Times Square hotel where he’d initially been housed and sent to a shelter where he felt unsafe.

‘A lot of the Americans used drugs there,’ Rodon said. ‘I feel like Canada will be safer. It is a much quieter country than America.’


Instead of being grateful for the hospitality extended to them and being allowed to remain in America, they are disgruntled about the conditions in NYC. It’s understandable, given it’s a crime-ridden city run by Democrats, but still. They feel entitled to whatever it is they want. Shelters aren’t good enough.

NYC City Hall has been paying a number of organizations to assist in their re-ticketing program. Asylum-seekers are good for business for non-profits and service companies.

One such organization was Catholic Charities Community Services, which said it had helped ‘thousands of new migrants’ relocate out of NYC.

A spokesperson for Catholic Charities said some of those migrants ‘reported their desire to relocate to other cities, and Catholic Charities provided some assistance for their travel expenses.’
Those buses travel as far north as Plattsburgh – just shy of the Canadian border – where local van and taxi services bring them the rest of the way and drop them where Canadian police can gather them.

‘There’s gotta be 100 people a day,’ driver Tyler Tambini, 23, told The Post. ‘I do this all day. They get dropped off and I take them the rest of the way.’

The service Tambini drives for charges up to $50 to transport individuals, and families for $90.

Former New York Gov. David Paterson has noticed and called out officials for treating illegal aliens better than homeless Americans.


“What bothered me last week … was when the migrants who were asked to go to the facilities in Brooklyn said that they would rather stay at the one in midtown Manhattan,” he told host John Catsimatidis, saying the city had good reason to want to move them.

“Not two blocks away from that hotel there were other people out on the street who are homeless,” he said. “They have problems too. And they are citizens of the United States. They live here,” he said.

The ex-governor claimed he is “100%” in favor of migrants who seek asylum if they meet the requirements, but appears to think the issue is getting out of hand.

“I don’t know that asylum isn’t starting to become an industry, because so many people are choosing to do this,” he said. “It’s really creating an encumbrance on the city’s resources. I’m glad Mayor Adams has been speaking out about it.”

Exactly. It’s an industry now. The astronomical number of illegal migrants brought into our country by Biden’s border crisis was bound to become an industry. Local and state governments can’t handle it alone. The federal government refuses to do what is needed to secure the border. So, NGOs and private companies fill the vacuum. There is money to be made off the migrants.

Funny how sanctuary cities and states are so quick to load migrants up on buses and move them to someplace else after calling migrant buses to their cities “stunts.” It’s all well and good until sanctuary cities actually have to do as they claimed they would do with an influx of migrants.


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