She's on a roll: Kamala's latest rambling two-minute non-answer is ... something

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

Did Kamala Harris throw Joe Biden under the bus during her interview with Joy Reid on Friday night? It kind of sounded like she did. The vice-president was asked by the MSNBC host of ReidOut if she agreed with Biden’s call for regime change in Russia. Kamala didn’t answer the question.

It’s a wonder that the White House still allows her to do interviews. Her speeches are dicey enough when she doesn’t stick to the speech provided to her and this week she has been on a roll. She just isn’t a good speaker whether it is in delivering a speech or participating in an interview. She can’t string together a couple of coherent sentences to save her life. She just starts winging it and barfs out words that she must think sound like she knows what she is talking about. She is a master chef and her specialty is word salad.

This was a very friendly interview with Joy Reid, a hyper-progressive black woman sitting down to slobber over the biracial vice-president. Reid and her staff hitched a ride on Air Force Two with Kamala to Greenville, Mississippi. She looked to be living her best life on the taxpayer-funded jet.

It took about three tries for Kamala to finally give the correct answer – the United States does not have a policy of regime change. Reid initially brought up the subject of Biden’s ad lib in Poland at the end of an otherwise fairly decent speech (by Biden standards). Biden was hoping to sound like Ronald Reagan but that is too high a bar for Biden to scale. That ad lib was a big deal and it’s to be expected that people are still talking about it. You’d think that Kamala would have been prepared to answer a question on the subject. Nope. Perhaps the rumors that Kamala is lazy and doesn’t prepare for interviews and meetings is true.

Now, the VP finds herself in the hot seat about what she thinks, telling Reid Friday: ‘Listen, I think you frame the point quite accurately and well, which is America’s policy has been and will continue to be focused on the real issue at hand.’

She said the humanitarian and security assistance were the ‘needs of the Ukrainian people’ and that Putin would face a consequence for the invasion.

‘There are serious consequences for Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression as it relates to Ukraine,’ she continued.

The VP avoided giving a straight answer on her personal opinion of Putin’s continued leadership in Russia, but instead focused on the ‘impacts’ the Biden administration has made toward Russia, including imposing sanctions.

‘Which is why our policy from the beginning has been about ensuring that there are going to be real costs exacted against Russia in the form of severe sanctions, which are having a real impact and immediate impact, not to mention the longer term impact, which is about saying there is going to be consequence and accountability when you commit the kinds of atrocities that he is committing,’ she went on, avoiding answering the question – although she eventually told Reid: ‘We are not into regime change and that is not our policy.’

Sounds like “consequences” was the talking point of the day. She did go on to call The Big Guy an ‘extraordinary leader’, so there’s that. She mostly wanted to talk about her travels to Europe and her recent trip to Poland. Reid persisted. Does Kamala agree with a proclamation by the leader of the free world that called for ousting Putin from power?

‘I will tell you in sitting down with prime ministers and presidents, often the first thing they would say to me is thank you to the United States and this administration for bringing us together,’ Harris said.

She went on to talk about how the U.S. built the ‘coalition for reinvigorating the relationship between the United States and its NATO allies’ and its ‘relationship and importance of the relationship to the EU’ to Ukraine.

‘Which is ultimately about one of the most important principles we’re fighting for, the importance of sovereignty territorial integrity,’ Harris said.

Ah. Territorial integrity, you say, Kam? How about the territorial integrity of the United States along the southern border? Oh, never mind. She doesn’t care about that and neither does her boss. Reid circled back one more time. Finally Kamala got it right.

Reid didn’t push the VP for a solid answer right away, but later circled back, asking once again: ‘So no luck on getting you to weigh in on whether he should remain?’

‘Listen, let me be very clear, let me be very clear,” Harris replied. ‘We are not into regime change and that is not our policy. Period.’

Why was that so hard for her to say in the first place? I wish she would be very clear, frankly, on anything she is saying. She’s almost as bad as Joe Biden in sounding incoherent and stumbling through public remarks. These two are a nightmare on the world stage and dangerous, too. All she had to do was to say it is not the policy of the United States. Easy, peasy, but not for her.

Biden’s handlers in the White House had to scramble to smooth over his ad lib and it’s hard to imagine that they are happy with Kamala’s performance with Reid.

There was also a weird moment when she spoke about Greenville, Mississippi. She was there to tout the Biden administration’s alleged support of small businesses. Why yes, Kamala, the Mississippi Delta does have a long history of being a part of the United States. Good Lord. Maybe she hasn’t ever been to Mississippi before yesterday’s trip.

Here is the interview in full, if you are interested. It’s a slog.