Report: Six Border Patrol officers under investigation, likely face suspension

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It is being reported that six agents on horse patrol duty for the Border Patrol are being investigated for their actions in Del Rio, Texas. Several federal departments are involved as the Office of Professional Responsibility is in charge of the investigation. Fox News has learned that the six agents under investigation will likely face suspension with pay.


The logical question by reasonable people is why are they being disciplined at all? Witnesses on the scene of the alleged wrongdoing – the fabricated story that Border Patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants as they crossed the Rio Grande River into Texas – have spoken up. They say no one was whipping, or “strapping” as Biden says, the Haitians. Whips are not carried by the horse patrol. The split reins used on horseback are apparently assumed to be whips by observers of a photograph that went viral on social media. It’s all been explained repeatedly since the vicious lie began by Democrats and far-left activists at the expense of the Border Patrol. The agents were taken off duty and the horse patrol is no longer in use at the Del Rio International Bridge.

Biden, under fire from the anti-cop progressive wing of the Democrat Party, immediately came out and pronounced the agents guilty. He said they “will pay” for what they’ve allegedly done. He said there will be consequences. According to Biden’s resume, he graduated from law school, as did Kamala Harris. Both have decided to blame the Border Patrol for the Biden border crisis and not bother with due process or the presumption of innocence for fellow government employees. The whole narrative is that systemic racism is rampant in Border Patrol. It’s insulting and just wrong. The agents were doing their job under very trying circumstances. We are told that this was the first time that horse patrols were used at the Del Rio International Bridge. This is an all too familiar pattern with Democrat politicians – they blame law enforcement as a knee-jerk reaction.


An official told Fox News that this was the first time the horse unit was assigned to the bridge, and their first exposure to the migrant surge — where more than 15,000 migrants were gathered at the bridge.

The agents are said not to have had clear rules of engagement, but listened to the radio and went to help other agents who needed it and prevent the migrants from crossing.

“They did their job,” the official said.

Border Patrol leadership and union officials are standing with the agents, even if the president is not.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who backed the agents in a press conference alongside Mayorkas, has briefed several congressional committees last week — including the Congressional Black Caucus. However, the key interview will be conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibility — which is in charge of the investigation. Fox has learned that six agents are under investigation.

A source familiar with the investigation told Fox News that a team of investigators from the Department of Justice are investigating potential civil rights violations in Del Rio. The DHS Office of Inspector General could also be involved.

Ortiz will oppose any recommendations that the agents be fired. Governor Abbott said on Sunday that he will hire agents fired over this fabricated story. One source says the agents may be under fire for yelling at the migrants. Most notably, no one was hurt.


Those with knowledge of the matter say that investigation could rest on what the agents said, rather than what they did. One agent was filmed saying: “You use your women?, this is why your country’s sh–, because you use your women for this.”

However, “yelling at people is not a crime,” the official said, adding that the National Border Patrol Council had sent in lawyers and the men are “well represented.”

They also noted that despite a massive crush of tens of thousands of migrants, not one agent nor one migrant was hurt — a feat they described as “incredible.”

This is all political theatre from Team Biden. They have been exposed as completely incompetent in doing the most basic of their constitutional responsibilities, which is to protect America’s sovereignty. It is a dereliction of duty to not secure the southern border and continue to pursue open border policies for political expediency. The photos in social media of the horse patrol at work gave an opportunity for leftists to play the race card, though there is a large number of Hispanic Border Patrol agents. The left is working hard to find reasons to condemn the Border Patrol for doing its job. Democrat insider (and an informal adviser to Kamala) Donna Brazile complained yesterday on a Sunday political talk show that there were no Creole-speaking Border Patrol agents to speak with the Haitian migrants. You can’t make this stuff up. Joe Biden is beholden to black voters for his presidential victory and he must do their bidding, race-baiting and dividing people according to the color of their skin.


If the Border Patrol agents are suspended, they certainly should be paid suspensions. It’s bad enough that their reputations are being trashed. They are being scapegoated for Biden’s incompetence. DHS Secretary Mayorkas supported the agents when the lies first began circulating. Then he returned to D.C. and fell in line with the rest of the administration. Mayorkas is apparently lying when he says the agents under investigation have been put on administrative duty.

Also challenged was the claim by Mayorkas that the agents had been shifted to administrative duty. While the agents are not interacting with migrants, as Mayorkas said, one official noted that they did not lose their badge or their gun, and they are simply looking after the horses.

“Either you are riding the horse or taking care of the horse and that is what they’re doing for the last few days…looking after the horses,” the official said.

Secretary Mayorkas should be fired. He’s been caught in numerous lies during his time as head of DHS. The biggest of his lies is his continued insistence that the border is closed. Why does he still have a job? Border Patrol agents deserve our thanks for the work they do to secure the southern border with little to no help from the federal government.


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