Rev. Al went to Del Rio - hecklers forced a quick end to his press conference

Rev. Al went to Del Rio - hecklers forced a quick end to his press conference
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Professional race-baiter Al Sharpton came to Del Rio on Thursday to let the world know that the residents there are racists. He trashed the Border Patrol and the Horse Cavalry for doing their job. Border security isn’t a priority if the color of the migrants’ skin is black, apparently. Immigration law doesn’t apply.

Ever since the phony-baloney Whipgate story was invented by Democrats on social media to distract from the real story – the Biden border crisis – suddenly the talking point is that the actions to maintain crowd control and stop the invasion at the southern border is worse than the days of slavery. Horses are used by law enforcement agencies in Texas, especially in areas where mounted patrols are more effective than vehicle patrols. The Whipgate story is that Border Patrol agents were caught using whips on Haitians crossing the Rio Grande River. This was a lie from the very beginning. Those “whips” are reins and the riders control their horses with them, as well as the migrants. A horse can seriously injure a human being, even kill humans, if the situation gets out of control. It didn’t though because Horse Cavalry riders are well-trained professionals. No one was whipped. The reins are extra long to handle the thick brush the horses go through. Heads of horses can jerk back in the brush if they get tangled in the branches.

Nonetheless, the Cavalry has been called away from the southern border because the White House is under pressure by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, and professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton. When the migrants were mostly brown people from Central American countries and Mexico, we didn’t hear a peep out of them as the Biden border crisis built into the humanitarian and public health disaster it is now. Haitians are mostly black people, though, so now it’s a return to the days of slavery to hear them rant. These are very unserious people who should not be given the time of day. It turns out there were some people in Del Rio that didn’t appreciate Sharpton’s rhetoric during his little press conference and used their words to say so.

Al and his entourage toured the camp area under the Del Rio International Bridge for about an hour, he said. The press conference after his tour may be the shortest speech the long-winded Sharpton has ever delivered, lasting only two minutes and 30 seconds. The hecklers were persistent and increasingly loud as Sharpton at first tried to ignore them then he referred to them as “Trump supporters and right-wingers” before giving up and walking away.

“We went for an hour and toured the place that we feel is a real catastrophic and human disgrace as people around this world watch the Border Patrol use slave-like techniques — mounted on horses. It compelled us to come and show our voices and our presence,” Sharpton said, fighting to speak over at least two male protesters in the crowd who attempted to drown him out.

“The Trump supporters and the right-wingers can scream all they want,” said Sharpton. “We gon’ continue to come back. We gon’ stand with our people to make sure that [unintelligble] is treated in one way and one manner. And we intend to come back over and over again. For people to be treated like this in an inhumane way, for people to feel that they can use weaponization of horses to treat human beings…”

Sharpton vowed to “keep coming back as long as is necessary” and called for Border Patrol’s horse patrol unit to be investigated.

He’s right, it is a catastrophic and human disgrace. Biden brought it on himself when he announced he wouldn’t deport illegal immigrants or continue on with the successful border security policies put in place by the Trump administration. The rest of his words were a bit incoherent and hyperbolic. Mounted police do not conflate with slavery, and are the Haitians really his people? Just because of their black skin? No one was weaponizing horses. It may have only taken the heckling of two men to shut ole Al down.

“How much money are you making? Why are you here advocating for violence? Del Rio is not a racist city. Del Rio is a loving, caring community,” the men yelled. “We don’t want your racism in Texas. Get out of here. You’re a disgrace. You’re a racist. Nobody wants you in Texas. Nobody wants you in Texas.”

“This is a loving community,” the protesters continued. “Get out of Texas. Get out of Texas. You are wrong. You are wrong. The Border Patrol are heroes.”

As Al retreated, one of the hecklers shouted “Pay your taxes” at him. Ouch.

Al is a little behind in the news though because apparently, DHS has already agreed to investigate the mounted patrol. The horses are not in use right now on the southern border. The Biden administration and DHS really like to take tools away from the Border Patrol. They really don’t want the southern border to be secure and closed to waves of illegal migration. The migrant camp is quickly being closed down now and cleaned out. It isn’t a coincidence that once other cable news stations started to cover the Biden border crisis in Del Rio after leaving the story exclusively to Fox News for weeks, suddenly action is being taken. The lone reporter covering the Del Rio area for weeks before anyone else came on the scene, Bill Melugin, is now taking a well-earned break from the area. He’s back in Los Angeles for now.

Biden created this disaster. The Haitians coming to the border now are mostly coming from Chile. They have been living with refugee status granted by Chile for years but are leaving now due to the economic effects of the pandemic and a growing unease among the people of Chile with large numbers of immigrants. ‘When Biden got in, word went out and they decided, we’re coming now. That was the decision point,’ says migration expert Todd Bensman. ‘Joe Biden opened the border so we decided we could upgrade our lifestyle,’ the migrants told him. They go to the entry point at Del Rio International Bridge after hearing they could cross the border there for free, without paying smuggling fees to coyotes or cartels. The Haitians won’t qualify under normal immigration law as asylum-seekers but that doesn’t matter to Team Biden. They are busy transporting the thousands of Haitian migrants away from the southern border, out of camera sight, and into the interior of the United States. The Biden border crisis won’t remain on the southern border – it’s coming to communities all across America.

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