Cavuto on press coverage: There is "no semblence" of being just as tough on Biden

After yesterday’s disastrous press conference with Joe Biden, the members of the press who were present and participated are coming under criticism and rightly so. It is hard for most of us to imagine a more ridiculous spectacle than what we watched. If this is how the Biden campaign will be covered from now through Election Day, yesterday’s display is proof that journalism is, in fact, dead in America.

It’s no surprise that Biden is experiencing a very friendly relationship with the press. He has been around for almost 50 years and is a very well-established member of The Swamp. He’s a member of the club. Members of the press overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. President Trump is the first president to call them out for their uneven coverage and so he must be punished, even more so than typical Republican presidents. Other presidents, from both parties, have complained about press coverage but none had more reason to do so than President Trump. The White House press corps took an eight-year-long nap during the Obama – Biden administration and Sleepy Joe is experiencing the same treatment now.

On his Saturday morning show on FNC, Neil Cavuto let it rip against the reporters at the press conference Friday with Biden. This is unusual because Cavuto is no fan of President Trump and also he rarely criticizes reporters. So, when he spoke out about the utter lack of professionalism on display Friday, it was noteworthy. If the Trump-bashing press has lost Neil Cavuto…

I can’t get the press conference out of my head either so I know from where Cavuto was coming. The most infuriating part of it all is the obvious coordination between Team Biden and the hit piece published by The Atlantic Friday. The Atlantic ran a story using unnamed sources that trashed Trump’s support of the U.S. military. A specific reference is made of his trip to France in 2018 and a canceled visit to a military cemetery. As is happens, I remember that day because I wrote about it at the time.

The story goes like this – President Trump and First Lady Melania were invited by French President Macron to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The first event scheduled was a ceremony at Aisne Marne American Cemetery. The weather was bad, though, and the Trumps canceled their visit. Like clockwork, the decision was slammed by Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the press. Only one journalist that I saw on social media spoke up and said, hey, this was a weather-related decision made by Trump’s Secret Service people. The helicopter ride was deemed to be unsafe. And, Trump didn’t want to drive to the cemetery in a last-minute change of plans which stresses the Secret Service, as well as disrupts traffic for the residents of the city.

Only Jennifer Jacobs vouched for the reason for the cancelation.

This was a story two years ago and now The Atlantic has dusted it off as an early October surprise hit piece against the president. In order to create headlines, unnamed sources have conveniently come forward to say that Trump disparaged the military as he made the decision to cancel the cemetery visit. The press and Democrats and Never Trumpers (but I repeat myself) all gleefully jumped on the story. Trump addressed it during a press conference and denied the accuracy of the story, as did the White House communications team. So, during Biden’s press conference, the few reporters allowed into the room were assumed to bring it up, too.

Joe Biden led off with the story and feigned anger over Trump’s alleged remarks. He even admitted that he had no idea if the story is true but nonetheless ranted about it. He included a list of other remarks Trump has made and brought up his friend John McCain. The press loved John McCain when he wasn’t running for president. Biden brought up his son Beau, a decorated veteran now deceased from a battle with cancer. Biden didn’t bring up his son Hunter who is very much alive. He was awarded two waivers to become a Naval officer. He was discharged for drug use.

A reporter from The Atlantic was the first to ask a question. He asked a question about Trump’s soul. No, really.

The next question came from CBS’s Ed O’Keefe. He wanted to know why Biden wasn’t getting angrier toward Trump.

This embarrassing questioning session went on to include questions as to what Biden thinks of Q-Anon, voting twice, and so forth. No policy questions. Just getting Biden to respond to something Trump said, or in the case of , The Atlantic story didn’t say.

No questions about his vice-presidential pick and others on his campaign bailing out rioting protesters though.

And certainly nothing about a story from Biden’s days in the Senate. If he is running on decency and morality, shouldn’t he be asked about the stories of women coming forward about his behavior? A post at our cousin site, PJ Media, addresses that story.

Cavuto rightly raked the press over the coals. For instance, they should have asked about his coronavirus policy as he bashed Trump for murdering Americans due to his incompetent handling of the pandemic. Biden was still holding large rallies in March so his claim that he was sounding the alarm about the virus in January is questionable. Cavuto called their performance an “abject failure in journalism” and it was. He said that the press isn’t asking questions which denies voters the chance to hear Biden’s policies or plans. That’s the point, though, right? The press knows he doesn’t have plans and policies to promote. Biden follows, he doesn’t lead – with Trump on the coronavirus response and with the far left and whatever issue they are moving him to the left on. He molds himself into whatever position he thinks will bring votes.

The final piece of advice Cavuto had for reporters was this: Hold Biden and Trump to the same standards. “It’s called doing your job. Let’s do it.”