Are you ready for environmental reparations to fund the Green New Deal?

Are you ready for environmental reparations to fund the Green New Deal?

The leftists participating in the weekly Fire Drill Fridays want to eliminate the fossil fuel industry and take all the money from the energy industry companies. They tout wealth redistribution from fossil fuel companies as the piggy bank to fund the Green New Deal. In other words, take the profits of capitalism and give the money to a socialist takeover of the energy sector. Sound good?

A woman named Tamara To’L, described as an Environmental Strategist delivered an aggressive message to the crowd. She conflated climate change and racism as she tried to get the crowd fired up. “Shout out if you want to destroy fossil fuel capitalists.” That sounds almost like inciting violence, doesn’t it? “Let me hear your vigor for ending racism while you do it.” “We need to make them pay today.” Her speech sounded like an all-purpose rant as she vented about people “who look like her” and her local roots. Her proposal is to redistribute “trillions” of dollars to pay for the Green New Deal. Jane Fonda, the founder of these weekly protests, sat behind Tamara on the stage and nodded her head in approval, yelling along with the crowd in response.

Is it me or does Jane Fonda look a lot less energetic than when she began these Friday protests? She still wears the red coat and hats but she seems to be running out of steam. Next week will be the last scheduled Fire Drill Fridays protest – she has to get back to her day job and film the next season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie – so maybe she is just winding down.

Only two celebrities were mentioned this week and both were returning protesters – Sam Waterson, Fonda’s co-star in Grace and Frankie, and young Iain Armitage who stars in Young Sheldon. You may remember that Iain is also the grandson of Richard Armitage who was Colin Powell’s deputy secretary of state during the George W. Bush administration. Armitage let Scooter Libby take the fall for the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plume. Maybe young Iain was in town to visit gramps. Waterson was re-arrested Friday but, as with his last appearance, Iain was not.

Jane Fonda calls it putting your body on the line as she encourages civil disobedience. Looks like Sam Waterson fell for it again. He was led off to the local jail as his friend Jane escaped arrest once again. It is reported that 40 other people were arrested.

The protesters were arrested on the same charges as previous weeks.

Eva Malecki, spokeswoman for the U.S. Capitol Police, told The Hollywood Reporter that the federal agency responded to “unlawful demonstration activity at First and East Capitol Streets, [where] forty individuals were arrested and charged with D.C. Code 22-1307, Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.”

Director and playwright Josh Fox participated in the protest. He is an environmental activist best known for his Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning 2010 documentary, Gasland. Gasland is an anti-fracking documentary that the entertainment industry embraced as the gospel like they did with Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. Fox calls himself a Bernie Sanders campaign surrogate. He told the crowd, “This industry kills people, and it kills children, and it does so with impunity and then it lies about it.”

Iain Armitage wished Greta Thunberg a happy birthday and referred to Jane Fonda as “Grandma” in a tweet.

The eleven year old actor made a New Year’s resolution to give up using plastic. Good luck with that one, kid.

This is the problem with environmental activists – they are oblivious to the practical hinderances to their fossil fuel-free utopia. Iain should tell Grandma Jane that those sunglasses she wears are made with plastic. So is that parka he is wearing. The oil and gas industry is working to find alternative fuel options,and has been for years, which may surprise younger activists. The industry employs hundreds of thousands of people from white collar jobs to blue collar jobs. The world may be moving toward using more alternative energy but even America is not ready for major change. We can’t just simply leave it in the ground, as the activists demand. Slogans aren’t solutions. Nuclear energy, the cleanest of all energy sources, is never mentioned. Some truths are more inconvenient than others, I guess.

Next Friday’s protest will be the last for Fonda and I assume for her celebrity pals.

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