Protester storms CA stage, silences Kamala Harris during Dem event

A man rushed the stage of an event held during MoveOn’s Big Ideas Forum in San Francisco Saturday and ripped the microphone right out of Senator Kamala Harris’s hand. What is it with liberals feeling entitled to silence people?

Democrats running in the party’s primary for the 2020 presidential nomination flocked to San Francisco this weekend to participate in the California Democrat Convention. Most of the top candidates showed up, including California’s junior senator, Kamala Harris. One event that coincided with the convention was the Big Ideas Forum. Harris was on stage participating in a forum discussion when a hipster activist managed to interrupt Harris by literally grabbing the microphone out of her hand. Here is a clip from a Politico article.

As I watched the video clip, I noticed that the man is wearing what looks to be press credentials. There is some form of identification on the lanyard around his neck that has a yellow strip across the bottom with the word “PRESS” on it. Maybe that is how the random protester got so close to the stage in the first place. He was grabbed and taken off the stage by several men, including the senator’s husband, Douglas Emhoff.

Fortunately the guy, an animal rights activist, only wanted to grab the microphone. He didn’t physically hurt Senator Harris or throw anything on her (like a milkshake or worse) but the real question is what kind of security did this event have in place? Obviously the security measures were not enough. If that guy had been a bad guy and not just a kook, as it appears he was, the incident could have turned out much differently.

Senator Harris came back onstage shortly after the protester was taken off stage. I was struck by the fact that one of the panel’s moderators actually made excuses for the protester’s bad behavior. She said “It’s ok, folks. People have their own big ideas.” Instead of making a comment that this kind of interruption is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, she tried to normalize the behavior. She lumped it into an expression of appreciation of big ideas. She actually thanked the guy for his idea.

The protester is a member of the Direct Action Everywhere animal-rights group.

The protester, Aidan Cook, of the Direct Action Everywhere animal-rights group, was asking for Harris to “support ordinary citizens rescuing animals rather than the factory farms that abuse animals, sicken local populations and repress whistleblowing activity,” according to a press release by DAE.

He justified his behavior by saying he’s a constituent of Senator Harris and Democrat candidates are ignoring the group’s “one big idea”. He names “animal agriculture” as a cause of climate change, too. Of course he does. It’s those cow farts, man.

“I live in Oakland and I’m one of Kamala Harris’ constituents. I came to the MoveOn Big Ideas Forum today because there’s one big idea that all of the 2020 presidential candidates are ignoring. Which is that is by raising and slaughtering billions of animals every year not only are we completely … undermining our values as a nation of compassionate animal lovers but we are literally preparing to drive our society off a cliff. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change,” Cook told POLITICO.

“We’ve done everything we could to try to start this conversation through normal channels, we’ve reached out to all the campaigns, including Kamala’s, we’ve reached out to MoveOn and pretty much have been completely ignored,” Cook said when asked if taking the microphone from Harris’ hand could be seen as threatening.

It turns out that interrupting a forum doesn’t help folks with a big idea much either. It just makes the activist look unhinged.