150 Protesters Arrested at NYU 'Liberated Zone'

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Yesterday we saw something similar to what happened at Columbia University a few days ago, only at NYU things got more violent. The NYPD posted the letter it had received from NYU asking them to enter the campus and clear Gould Plaza.


The rest reads:

Our  officers responded to the location without delay and dispersed the crowd — making numerous arrests, as necessary . 

There is a pattern of behavior occurring on campuses across our nation, in which individuals attempt to occupy a space in defiance of school policy. Rest assured, in NYC the NYPD stands ready to address these prohibited and subsequently illegal actions whenever we are called upon.

Students were warned that they had until 4 pm to clear the plaza before arrests were made.

The students refused to leave, changing "Hell no, we won't go."


At some point before the deadline, a group of faculty members joined the crowd of students.

Faculty then tried forming a human shield to prevent arrests.

The whole process seems to have moved slowly. Arrests did not start at 4 pm but more than three hours later.

At least a dozen faculty members were reportedly arrested.

Police then moved in and started clearing tents and making arrests. And this is where things started getting a big chippy, with crowds of people shoving and pushing and students locking arms and shouting "Hold the line."


It looks like the beginning of that clip above was edited to remove someone throwing a chair at the police. But that was later included in this clip which also shows water bottles being thrown as students chanted "The whole world is watching."

This guy got arrested.

This is a sort of complication of some of the worst of the night. By the end of this, police are in control and arrested students are being led out.


Those who were not arrested apparently marched toward 1PP to demand those who had been arrested be released.

They also tried to block the street so buses full of the arrested couldn't leave.

This went on for a while.

Reports this morning say that more than 150 people were arrested. This morning, former President Trump used the recent chaos at Columbia and NYU to make a statement blaming Biden for not handling this better. This is smart politics because Biden is really in a bind over this. He obviously should condemn students breaking campus rules and scuffling with police but he also can't afford to make himself the enemy of young progressives (more than he already is).


Finally, this morning Gould Plaza is being boarded up to keep protesters from returning.

That seems to be it for now. But every arrest seems to inspire more protesters so we could have several more iterations of this pattern before the week is over.

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