Remembering all the times Jen Rubin was wrong about the VA governor's race (Update: 'That doesn't compute')

Remembering all the times Jen Rubin was wrong about the VA governor's race (Update: 'That doesn't compute')

Last night I pointed out that Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman was the first person to call the race for Glenn Youngkin.

This morning, Wasserman was pointing out that when he first suggested Republicans had a chance to win the governorship, back on May 10, most people didn’t take it well. Here are a few sample reactions:

Needless to say, he’s not laughing. There are hundreds more of these smug, dismissive tweets from lefties but don’t rush over to dunk on them because every single one of these tweets already has multiple people doing that. One guy even dunked on his own old tweet with a bit a Jesus paraphrase:

I’m not interested in throwing stones at Twitter randos, but not everyone who disagreed with Wasserman at the time fits that description. The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin actually got into an argument with him.

Can you see it now? It got me wondering how many other times Rubin had assured people the VA race was a gimme for Democrats. The answer is quite a few times. Early on she concluded Youngkin had no real chance:

Here she is mocking Youngkin as a coward:

She also blasted him as an extremist:

And agreed with Paul Begala he had no chance and anyone who said otherwise was “delusional.”

Here she is praising McAuliffe as a candidate other Democrats should emulate:

She was really pleased with McAuliffe’s debate performance:

The whole race was a done deal:

She was quite certain of the outcome all along. So maybe it’s no surprise she hasn’t tweeted anything at all yet today. There’s one retweet blaming GOP “conspiracies.”

Again, progressive randos make smug, dumb comments all the time. That’s to be expected. But you expect someone who does this for a living at one of the country’s leading newspapers to occasionally rise above being a pure hack and admit everything isn’t as obvious as clear cut as she’d like it to be. But nuance just isn’t Jen Rubin’s beat.

Update: She has spoken! And, well…

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