Youngkin performing well but Fairfax County needs to 'rescan' votes (Update: Wasserman calls it, McAuliffe camp: "It's a bloodbath")

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Allahpundit posted a Virginia election thread earlier that has the live results as they come in from Decision Desk HQ. I’m also watching results on Twitter where a number of people are comparing the numbers as they come in to what Youngkin would need to win. So far it’s looking pretty good, though it’s going to be close either way. Here’s Nate Cohn from the NY Times:


There’s broad agreement:

Dave Wasserman from Cook Political Report:


This one is just brutal:

Some on the left are suggesting doom is at hand for the Democratic Party, not just tonight but for the “foreseeable future” if Youngkin wins.

But there is a fly in this largely positive ointment. Fairfax County had previously announced that it would start releasing early totals at 8PM local time but now there is some kind of problem and the reporting is delayed while they rescan ballots.

And here’s the obvious question about this:

Fairfax just happens to be the most populous county in the state and also a Democratic stronghold which is making some on the right a bit nervous. But apparently it’s not enough to stop Wasserman from calling it.


Cohn isn’t calling it yet but he’s seeing the same trend.

The news tonight is very bad if you’re a Democrat.

Might be a bit early for this but here it is anyway.

Control of the VA House of Delegates is also up for grabs tonight.


The AG race is looking good as well:

It’s looking like a sweep. I’m not watching MSNBC right now but I imagine there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Update: Okay, took a little break for dinner but Virginia is still looking like a clean sweep.

The verdict on the House of Delegates is still out but it’s looking good. Summing up the night in VA so far:


And some more good news in Minneapolis. The “disband the police” measure is failing big time.

Brutal but fair take on the Lincoln Project’s effort to cheat their way to victory.

Meanwhile it sounds like things aren’t going well at MSNBC.

Tying Youngkin to Trump didn’t work with voters but it still works great with MSNBC viewers.

Sabato says someone from McAuliffe’s camp said: “It’s a bloodbath.”


Henry Olsen is watching the VA House of Delegates races and says Dems are on the brink of losing control. GOP needs only 6 pickups and currently leads in 12 seats held by Ds.

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