Another brazen shoplifting caught on video, this time in Los Angeles

Another brazen shoplifting caught on video, this time in Los Angeles

Last month a video of a brazen shoplifting in a San Francisco Walgreens went viral. This week a similar clip is making the rounds from a TJ Maxx store in Granada Hills. Here’s the clip which shows two men loaded down with merchandise casually walking out of the store while bystanders look on:

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva blamed the rise in crimes like this on progressive DAs. “I just saw the video this morning,” Villanueva said. He continued, “Two gentlemen walked in, gathered up all the clothes they could actually wrap their arms around and walked out. In the past, pre-47 and pre these progressive DAs like George Gascon they’d at least bother to run out. Now they aren’t even bothering to run out they just casually stroll out with all the time in the world knowing that, hey, as long as they keep the tally under $950 it’s perfectly okay.”

Villanueva went on to say, “Mr. Governor I believe you endorse George Gascon for DA and I believe you also endorsed the DA from San Francisco and how is that working out with this progressive movement to decriminalize everything?”

Another recent shoplifting in Los Angeles has been making a lot of news, at least locally. One week ago, two men walked into a Rite Aid. They each grabbed an entire case of beer and then walked out. Miguel Penaloza was working his last shift at the store that night. He had decided he didn’t feel safe working there and had already given his two week notice. Penaloza tried to intercede in the theft and was shot and killed by one of the shoplifters. He was 36 years old.

And just to bring this full circle, there’s another local news report out of San Francisco this week about a 75-year-old woman who was knocked down at a supermarket by a shoplifter. The victim is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries but a judge has already released the shoplifter without bail. In fact when the family learned he’d been released, they found he was sitting behind them in the courtroom. Even progressive DA Chesa Boudin thought the shoplifter should remain in jail until his trial but the judge disagreed and freed him. Here’s the local news report:

Gov. Newsom signed a new law this week which is aimed at stopping organized shoplifting rings. We’ll have to wait and see if that has any impact on the shoplifters.

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