Portland activists harass, punch Mayor Ted Wheeler at a restaurant

Ted Wheeler may be the 2nd worst mayor in America (after Bill de Blasio) but he still shouldn’t be assaulted in public by Portland’s far left activists. That’s what happened last night as the mayor was dining outdoors on a date.

Wheeler and a dinner companion had just arrived at Café Nell in the Nob Hill neighborhood about 8:30 p.m. when a group of people confronted the pair, who were seated in an outdoor dining area, according to a City Hall official who asked not to be named.

Wheeler took out his phone to snap a photo of the hecklers, the official said. That’s when, according to Wheeler, a woman in the crowd “swatted” at him and struck his shoulder, the official said.

Again, I’m not a fan of Wheeler but having these goons show up and scream that he’s a “war criminal” in a restaurant is over the line. I didn’t like it when the mob did this to diners in DC and I don’t like it here either.

“You need to grow up,” Wheeler said to the screaming guy with the camera. What he got in response was just a string of expletives and some other goon yelling in his ear that he’s a “war criminal.”

The Oregonian reports that police arrived but Wheeler and his date took their food to go. The paper also states, “The reported contact between the woman in the crowd and Wheeler was not captured on video footage posted to Twitter.” In other words, there’s no video of the punch.

It’s true there’s no clear video of it but if you watch the last few seconds of that clip above, you’ll see a woman in a blue jacket approach Wheeler screaming, “You’re a piece of f**king s**t!” As she does, you can see her body twist in a way that makes it look like she might have just thrown a punch. You can also see that she is filming as she approaches:

Based on the positioning, this is the Twitter account of the woman who was filming in the blue jacket. She is denying doing anything but notice her first clip cuts out just as she starts to shout, “You’re a piece of…”, i.e. right before the alleged punch. She has edited out the critical moment. I don’t think that was by accident.

In her second clip, Wheeler can be heard saying “you assaulted me” as he films with his own phone. He clearly has her face on video. He could press for her to be arrested but I’m guessing he won’t do that because, once again, he always gives the far left a pass. Speaking of which, there was another unlawful assembly in Portland last night where a mob of 50-60 anarchists walked around breaking windows for no particular reason:

The far left hates Wheeler because, believe it or not, they think he’s been too tough on protesters. Last week, after another riot in the city, Wheeler announced that his efforts to find middle-ground with Antifa had been a failure and that, from then on, he was going to bring the “lawlessness and anarchy” to an end. Do I believe he’ll actually get tough? Not really, but the fact that he’s even talking about it is enough to make the anarchists angry with him. If he was really serious, he could start by pressing charges against the woman who punched him.

Here’s a KOIN 6 report on last night’s vandalism: