Video from Jeffrey Epstein's first suicide attempt is missing

I believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. He had ample reason to do so because he knew his life as a playboy billionaire was over and the life of an inmate surrounded by violent criminals didn’t suit him. That said, the fact that Epstein probably had the potential to roll over on some very wealthy and powerful people who either joined in on or supported his lifestyle over the years means there are probably quite a few people who breathed a sigh of relief when he died. Some of those people may have even wished him dead beforehand.

So I’ll admit that there were people who had a motive to want Epstein dead and who had tremendous means at their disposal to, in theory, pursue that motive. But given that Epstein was in prison it seems obvious that no one should have had the opportunity to act. After all, there are guards and cameras in a prison so it’s not like you can just waltz in and do away with someone without being detected. Right?