The girls state Rep. Brian Sims harassed were 15 and 13 years old

A couple of days ago I posted a video of Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims harassing an adult woman and three teenage girls as they prayed in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. Sims berated them and offered money (in the form of a donation to Planned Parenthood) to anyone who could identity of the girls. Sims has since either deleted or restricted access to that video which had been posted on his Facebook page, but unfortunately for him, the internet is forever:

At the time, I described the girls as high school aged but I was wrong about that. According to the mother of two of the girls, her daughters are 15 and 13 years old. The third girl seen in the clip is her daughter’s friend and is also 15 years old. That means two of the girls Sims harassed are likely high school freshman or sophomores and the younger girl is still in Middle School.

Yesterday Sims released a 2-minute non-apology video in which he admitted he was aggressive and promised to do better. However, that clip only referenced another incident in which Sims berated an older woman in front of the same Planned Parenthood clinic. There was no mention at all of his verbal attacks and attempt to dox schoolgirls.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Ashley Garecht, the adult woman in the clip, said Rep. Sims approached them twice that day. The first time he came over and berated the girls and about 20 minutes later he returned with his cell-phone camera. “I would say he came in hot. He came in yelling at us,” Garecht said. She added, “I moved myself in between him and the girls and asked him ‘please talk to me, let’s have a conversation the two of us as two adults’ but he continued to yell at the girls.” From Fox News:

“Just the fact that he’s an adult male interacting aggressively with teenage girls, that alone is inappropriate,” Garecht said. “Him being a politician doesn’t just supersede him being an adult man aggressively approaching teenage women.”…

Garecht and her husband, Joe, started a GoFundMe “Show Brian the Power of the Pro-Life Movement” to help make something good come out of this, with the goal of raising $100,000 for the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia. As of Wednesday morning, they had raised about $28,000.

As I write this, the amount raised so far is now above $39,000. Pro-lifers, including former clinic director Abby Johnson, are planning an event at the site on Friday. Johnson challenged Rep. Sims to meet her there. He seems to like shouting at women so maybe he’ll show up.

The Daily Caller has a related story today. It seems the state inspection record of the clinic Rep. Sims was defending, the one where he says he has worked as a volunteer for the past seven years, is not too good:

Inspectors failed the Philadelphia clinic in 13 of its last 23 inspections, including a revisit in 2018 because it had not corrected the deficiencies identified in a prior visit. Inspectors also identified a wide range of safety problems at the clinic since 2011, including failure to report sex abuse of children and improper storage of aborted babies, according to records from the Pennsylvania Department of Health…

The clinic was found to have failed to report multiple instances in which unmarried girls under the age of 15 came to them pregnant. One of the girls, who was only 13, indicated on a form she first had sex when she was 11. The clinic did not report these instances of potential abuse and criminal violations to the state.

Given Rep. Sims personal connection and fondness for this particular clinic, maybe he should be asked how he feels about its apparent failure to report pregnancies among young teens. Does he have anything to say about this oversight?

Here’s the interview with Ashley Garecht on Tucker Carlson’s show: