Federal judge denies anonymous accusation against Kavanaugh from 1998

Yesterday I wrote about an anonymous allegation about Brett Kavanaugh which had been sent to Sen. Cory Gardner last week. The brief letter (which you can see here) claimed that back in 1998, Brett Kavanaugh shoved a woman he was dating at the time up against a wall in an “aggressive and sexual” manner after leaving a bar in Washington, DC.

Last night, a federal judge named Dabney Friedrich responded to a request from a lawyer for the Judiciary Committee saying she dated Kavanaugh in 1998 but that no such incident ever happened. From National Journal:

Judge Dabney Friedrich of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, in a letter sent Wednesday night to a senior lawyer on the Senate Judiciary Committee, acknowledged she dated Kavanaugh in 1998 but denied the allegations in an anonymous tip sent to a U.S. senator that suggested Kavanaugh had “shove(d)” his ex-girlfriend “against a wall.”

“… I dated Brett Kavanaugh in 1998. To the extent the attached letter is referring to me as the ‘friend [who] was dating him,’ the allegations it makes are both offensive and absurd,” Friedrich wrote in a letter to Mike Davis, a chief counsel for Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

“At no time did Brett ever shove me against a wall, including in an ‘aggressive and sexual’ manner. When we dated, Brett always treated me with the utmost respect, and we remain friends to this day,” Friedrich continued.

You can read the brief letter from Judge Friedrich at this link. One thing that’s not clear from the letter is how Friederich was identified in the first place since the letter’s author was anonymous and no one mentioned in it was named (other than Kavanaugh).

The likely answer is that Friederich’s name was given to the committee by Judge Kavanaugh himself. He would obviously know who he was dating in 1998 so he could give the committee her name. Beyond the fact that she denies this specific incident, she also offers a glowing account of how Kavanaugh treated her and says they are still friends.

So this anonymous allegation, which someone leaked to NBC News yesterday, appears to be a closed case. Simply put, the woman who would seem to be the alleged victim says she was never a victim. Unless someone wants to come forward and call Judge Friedrich a liar or identify someone else as the person described in the letter, there’s nothing more to be said about this.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022