MSNBC's Joy Reid gets smacked down by Jane Sanders

Earlier today MSNBC host Joy Reid went on a rant about the absence of any credible leadership figures in the United States. When someone responded by suggesting Bernie Sanders as an exception, Reid trashed Sanders treatment of his wife. That led to a comeback (I think the kids at Buzzfeed call it a clap back, but I’m not sure about that) by Jane Sanders who also has a Twitter account. First, here’s Reid’s rant:

I have to pause here just to note that Joy Reid is citing Walter Cronkite as universally respected and believed. Cronkite was a Democratic partisan who used his position to benefit the party. If he was universally respected at the time it’s only because people didn’t know about his behavior behind the scenes.Β In any case, when someone pointed to Bernie Sanders as a credible national authority figure, Reid claimed Sanders was physically dismissive of women “including his own wife.”

As you can see that was earlier this morning. This afternoon, Jane Sanders replied:

The idea that Joy Reid doesn’t know what she’s talking about shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who sees her occasional tweet. This is the same person who offered this insightful commentary about Colin Kaepernick:

And claimed we had no FEMA director despite that fact that we had a FEMA director:

And that 17 intelligence agencies had agreed about Russian interference in the election (which is false).

Anyway, Reid has once again stepped on a landmine of her own making. If history is any guide, it won’t make any difference at all in her future output.