UC Santa Cruz: Far left students disrupt college Republicans meeting, get arrested

Last Sunday the College Republican at UC Santa Cruz held their usual meeting at the school’s McHenry Library in a room they had reserved for that purpose. But their meeting was disrupted by a group of far-left students who came in and began shouting. From a statement released by the UCSC College Republicans:

Last Sunday, our meeting in Mchenry Library was interrupted by student activists who banged open the door and started screaming at the top of their lungs and demanding we leave the space immediately. They called our meeting “a threat to the library.” We invited the activists to stay and discuss ideas. However, any attempt at civil communication was met with the response, “Dialogue is violence.” Since we didn’t know what else to do, we made the collective decision to sit quietly and refuse to leave our own meeting. The protesters called us a number of different epithets, including “fascists,” “racists,” and “white supremacists” and berated Mchenry Library staff, calling a school employee a “white supremacist,” because she refused to dissolve our meeting. Anyone that didn’t explicitly join them in their mission of screaming in the library became a “white supremacist,” including the many people of color not only in our group but who were watching the incident. Eventually, three activists were arrested by UCPD for disturbing the peace. We did not call the police. The decision to involve UCPD was made by school officials.

A day after this statement was released a 12-minute-long video was posted to YouTube showing some of what took place. As this clip begins, a representative of the school is telling the disruptive students that she doesn’t see any evidence the College Republicans are in violation of any school policy and that they had reserved the room. She points out that the library is not a place for yelling and politely asks if the protesters will leave the room and allow the scheduled meeting to continue.

One of the protesters replies, “I think that’s unfair…I think that what is going on right now is actually that these folks are preventing folks from their everyday lives, not just studying, all everything, safety on campus, whatever it is that they are engaging in.” She continued, “And so I feel like this group should be asked to leave actually. And I feel like you’re kind of looking at it from an interesting perspective, maybe in line with university policies but I think if you understand what their ideologies are and how you feel safety really is, how you feel education, how you feel learning really is…Students can’t be studying when their lives are being f**king discriminated against.”

Moments later a student named Phil Leonard (in the grey t-shirt) says, “This club has been going on for months there has been no disturbances until this.”

One of the protesters shouts over him, “But your existence is a disturbance.”

Leonard replies that his existence isn’t a disturbance to the other students who were in the room prior to the interruption. The protester doubles down saying, “It’s a disturbance to every marginalized person in this country.”

At this point, Leonard tells him, “You have no idea what you are talking about.” He continues, “I’m not a Republican! You don’t know the people you’re talking to. I’m just here and, first of all, I’m a registered Democrat; I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. I’m here speaking ideas which you’re supposed to do at a college.”

The protester replies, “I don’t give a s**t.”

The video continues for another 5-6 minutes of back and forth. Fox News reports that the protest continued until eventually police were called:

“I didn’t know who that nutty chick was, but her fliers were all over the school, so when I said her name, she flipped out,” Leonard said. “She flipped out even more when I told her I voted for her [for the Student Union Assembly election].”

When the librarian returned with her boss, the protesters accused her of being a white supremacist. The campus police were eventually called, but the demonstrators still refused to stop the disruption. A black officer showed up and the protesters responded by explaining racism and white supremacy to him, Leonard said.

“Almost all the people in the library, mostly liberal at this point, started getting upset with them, and laughing at them and telling them to leave,” Leonard said. “The whole school and the whole library turned against them.”

Despite attempts by the police to negotiate a peaceful conclusion, Leonard said the protesters insisted on being arrested.

I don’t actually see any local reports of the arrests, but Fox News reports the trio was arrested for disturbing the peace, failure to disperse, unlawful assembly, and trespassing.

Here’s the full clip. This is the new normal for the far-left on campus.